WHO Do They Think They Are? NYT Won’t Stop Shilling for China-Corrupted Health Org

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The New York Times may have slightly changed its tune on reporting how Communist China has indeed covered up and taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, but the paper is still reliably shilling for the World Health Organization’s China-corrupted response to the crisis, as demonstrated previously and in several recent pieces.

A hysterical piece from Friday by reporters Sheera Frenkel and Davey Alba, debating whether President Trump should have his speculation over a disinfectant treatment removed from Facebook, flattered the W.H.O.:

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said in March that promoting bleach as a cure for the coronavirus was “misinformation that has imminent risk of danger” and that such messages would immediately be removed from the social network.

President Trump has now put Mr. Zuckerberg’s comments to the test….Twitter announced in March that it would delete virus tweets “that could potentially cause harm.” YouTube has repeatedly said it removes videos that show medically unsubstantiated coronavirus treatments. And all of the companies have said they would promote virus information from authoritative health sources like the World Health Organization.

“Authoritative health source”? Insert bitter laugh here.

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A front-page story by Matthew Rosenberg and Katie Rogers attacked conservative activist Charlie Kirk ( “A Provocateur Who Put the Words ‘China Virus’ in Trump’s Mouth”). The subhead: “Young Leader, Fudging Facts, Fuels the Right.”

Among those fudged facts was evidently any criticism of the powerless yet influential bureaucracy. The Times has defended the China-compromised, powerless W.H.O. again and again:

Never mind that the W.H.O. — which Mr. Kirk called “the Wuhan Health Organization,” after the city where the pandemic began — issued warnings about the virus early and often, and that a number of the other tweets similarly misconstrued facts. Mr. Kirk doesn’t always let facts get in the way of scoring points….

Reporter Knvul Sheikh piled on more praise in Saturday’s “W.H.O. Renews Proclamation of Global Health Emergency”:

He has accused the W.H.O., without evidence, of helping China to obscure the extent of its epidemic in the early days, as well as being slow to release guidelines for precautions against infections.

In fact, the W.H.O. began raising alarms in early January, as soon as it was informed by China of a new, mysterious illness in the city of Wuhan. On Friday, Dr. Tedros insisted that the W.H.O. did not waste any time in traveling to Beijing “to discuss with the leadership and to find, to see for ourselves, the situation in China.”

After a couple of mildly critical paragraphs, the paper pivoted back to praise: “Yet the W.H.O. has still managed the coronavirus crisis as well as it could, and better than the Trump administration has, many experts say.”

Brett Schaefer at the Washington Examiner demonstrated how the organization opposed travel restrictions until quite late, even chastising the United States for imposing them on China. Schaefer called out W.H.O. for its obsequiousness” toward China and holding that country to a different standard than the United States, which W.H.O. has criticized freely.


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