Is Joblessness Sustainable? It Is, If We Keep Our Nation In Shutdown.

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As Americans watch in horror at the steep increase in unemployment each week as the idiotic national shutdown continues, it’s easy for talking heads to say that this is unsustainable. One understands the meaning of their words, but if we continue to allow Trump-hating, cowardly governors and mayors to insist on a hard and fast shutdown, the level of unemployment is unfortunately fully sustainable and is in fact inevitable, and will only get worse each week.

Joblessness will sustain itself, feed on itself and make the bad situation worse if we don’t do something about it quickly. This self-abuse must end and people must be allowed to re-establish their businesses and their personal lives, and employees must be allowed to get their jobs back.

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In today’s Trump-hating, corrupt, big government political environment, the land of the free and the home of the brave have become the land of the locked-up and the home of the cowering and whimpering.

This unconstitutional stupidity must stop.

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