Tim Pool Trashes Big Tech for Using Media Like CNN as ‘Authoritative Sources’

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Independent journalist and YouTuber Tim Pool appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast in late April, and scorched Big Tech for holding the media as reliable alternatives. “You know what the problem is? This idea of approved truth, what YouTube calls ‘authoritative sources.’”

He took shots at CNN figures like Chief Media Correspondent and Anchor of Reliable Sources Brian Stelter, Anchor Chris Cuomo and Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, as prime examples of why Big Tech’s “authoritative sources” have little to no authority. “CNN’s called an authoritative source,” Pool mused, “they’re lying in our faces.”

Pool summarized what he called the performative rather than informative nature of modern journalism: “Now you get performative journalism where Chris Cuomo pretends to come out of his basement,” where supposedly objective journalists appear at press conferences “just arguing instead of actually asking questions.” He then brought home how despite a consistent record of sensationalism and bias, Big Tech sees no issue:

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“YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter say ‘this is the truth we deem it so.’ YouTube now puts them among other outlets on the front page of the website guaranteeing hundreds of millions of views, meanwhile independent commentators like myself we actually get hurt in the algorithm.”

Pool also accused CNN of faking Chris Cuomo’s COVID-19 quarantine: “You know they faked that whole thing right?” He claimed that Cuomo was “spotted 30 minutes from his house” and that he had an altercation with a man on a bike that was reported to the authorities.

Pool then claimed CNN completely manufactured Cuomo coming out of quarantine for the first time:

“Chris Cuomo then shot a segment for CNN of him emerging from his basement like ‘this is what I’ve been dreaming of, finally getting out of my basement, seeing my kids.’ But he was witnessed seeing his kids somewhere else.”

Pool claimed that “You even had Ben Smith of The New York Times call this out.”

Pool also claimed that Stelter admitted he believes news outlets should “channel the anger for the people.” Pool explained his reaction, when he said: “So you’re admitting that you’re rage-bait?” CNN’s website summarized that Stelter had referred to the struggle with the current pandemic as “a time for journalists to channel the public’s anger and frustration and fear.”

Rogan responded, “Yes, I saw you did that. I was glad that you said that — like finally they’re admitting it.” He added that he found the idea of Brian Stelter channeling rage to be a humorous image: “I think, like, him enraged would be adorable.”

“[T]ake a look at someone like Jim Acosta. He stands up; he argues with the president. That’s not what journalists are supposed to do,” Pool stated. “Now you’ve got this idea of channeling the rage for the people.” He summarized that, “It’s not that he’s asking any real questions or actually challenging the president. It’s that the people who don’t like Trump see him as striking a symbol down. It doesn’t matter if he’s telling the truth or not.”


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