Latest Numbers from Italy Prove Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Are Needlessly Destroying US Economy

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If the CDC really wanted to reach herd immunity they would open the schools and allow working age Americans back to work.
They could save the seniors from the deadly coronavirus.

Instead we have the FDA warning Americans about taking proven drug hydroxychloroquine for treating the coronavirus.

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And it is clear today that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx misled the the president and the country when they continue to ignore that the vast majority of coronavirus victims are seniors over 70 with co-mobidities.

You just don’t collapse and the world’s greatest economic system with numbers like this.

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In Italy the chance of contracting and succumbing to the coronavirus for those under age 60 is slim.

The chance of contracting and succumbing to the coronavirus for those under age 50 is almost nil.

Via Ned Nokolov.

Only 3.6% of those who died from the coronavirus had no comorbidities!

The US is being misled today.
President Trump needs to make a U-turn and propose sensible solutions to reopen the economy.


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