Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser Tara Reade’s Mother Called Larry King About the Incident in 1993! (VIDEO)

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Shocking new evidence has emerged that backs up Tara Reade’s claim about being sexually assaulted by then-Senator Joe Biden in 1993 — and ironically, it originally aired on CNN.

Reade told reporters that at the time of the harassment and assault by Biden she told various people including her mother, a close friend, and her brother.

Reade has alleged that when she was a staffer for Biden in her 20s, he forced her up against a wall, forcibly kissed her, put a hand up her blouse and skirt, and penetrated her with his fingers. Biden has denied the allegations.

Speaking to The Intercept, Reade explained that her mother even called in to “Larry King Live” on CNN and discussed her daughter’s experience on Capitol Hill.

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That video has now surfaced.

“On August 11, 1993, King aired a program titled, ‘Washington: The Cruelest City on Earth?’ Toward the end of the program, he introduces a caller dialing in from San Luis Obispo, California. Congressional records list August 1993 as Reade’s last month of employment with Biden’s Senate office, and, according to property records, Reade’s mother, Jeanette Altimus, was living in San Luis Obispo County,” the Intercept reports.

During the call, her mother asked King for advice on what her daughter should do, though she did not discuss Biden by name. Reade’s mother has since passed away.

“Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” her mother explained.

Reade’s mother did not name Biden or mention sexual assault, but other aspects line up with the allegations that she has made.

“There are several notable things about the emergence of the call. On the one hand, the caller does not specifically mention ‘sexual harassment’ or retaliation, as Reade had recalled. On the other hand, the reference to being unable to ‘get through with her problems’ aligns with Reade’s claim that she complained to superiors in Biden’s office and got nowhere, and the reference to going to the press makes clear that the caller is talking about more than just generic problems at the office. The problems, she makes clear, would damage the senator if exposed,” the bombshell Intercept article explains.

Reade also recounted the conversation with Biden during the incident:

“There was no flirtation, he had no consent. He was by my ears when he said, ‘Do you wanna go somewhere else?’”

She pushed him off and he stepped back, looking surprised, she recalled, and flashing a huge smile.

“‘Come on, man,’” she said he told her. “‘I heard you liked me.’”

“He had that smile he gets, but his eyes were not smiling,” she said. “You’re fine,” she recalled he said, grabbing her by her shoulders. As he walked away, he pointed back, “You’re fine.”


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