Joy Reid Hits the Blunder Trifecta

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Joy Reid treated us to a trifecta of goofs and questionable calls on her MSNBC show this morning.

Here’s the transcript.

AM Joy
10:04 am EDT

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JOY REID: Joining me now is House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. Good morning, sir, and Happy Easter.

. . . 

And one of the groups of people who cannot work from home are people who work in the Postal Service. 600,000 employees in this country . . . Hundreds of mail carriers have already died, delivering our packages and our mail so we don’t have to leave our homes.

. . . 

Yesterday on AM Joy, rapper A$AP Ferg, along with Dr. Sampson Davis, reminded us about the need to wear masks and protective clothing correctly during these dangerous times. Somebody should repeat that, repeat that message, to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who held a press conference this week while wearing a single glove, and touching his face with his ungloved hand. There he is.


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