Famous investigative journalist reveals what multiple intel sources told her about the Baltimore bridge collapse: ‘A brilliant strategic attack’

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Lara Logan is a well-known name in investigative journalism. She used to be the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, and she covered some of the biggest stories in the world.

However, when Logan began honestly looking into what liberals notoriously call right-wing hysteria, such as COVID vaccine skepticism, 2020 election fraud, and Jan. 6 alternative narratives, she was essentially condemned as “a star of far-right media,” according to the New York Times.

Pat Gray, however, is a huge fan of Logan’s brutally honest work — which is what all journalism should be.

“We’ve been following your work for a really long time and appreciate everything you do,” he tells her.

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Logan’s most recent reports revolve around the tragic Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, Maryland.

On March 26, the day the bridge was struck, Logan took to X to expose what she says is clearly a “‘strategic attack’ on US critical infrastructure — most likely cyber.”

“As soon as it came down, the authorities were claiming there was no evidence of any kind of wrongdoing,” says Pat.

“Yes, which was odd because they hadn’t had time to investigate, so for the authorities to make a definitive statement about anything was unusual, especially when you look at the nature of what happened,” says Logan.

After talking to many people, including some who “had worked in Baltimore for 30 years,” some who “worked in maritime attacks,” and others who “are still on active duty in the intelligence community,” Lara came away with a narrative about the bridge collapse that didn’t at all match the official statement given by authorities.

“One person in particular knew instantly that from the very first moment that he saw that ship, it wasn’t inside the channel, which is where it has to be when it’s on course,” she explains.

Further, “Multiple intelligence professionals” told Lara that they “knew the moment they saw it” that the collision “was a technique … because [they] carry out this technique on foreign battlefields.”

“It’s called ‘spoofing,’” they told her, and “by the time [the ship crew] is throwing off the anchor or doing whatever [they] can to try and correct [the GPS attack], it’s simply too late.”

To learn about how “spoofing” works and the likely reasons behind this alleged orchestrated attack, watch the clip below.

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