Spanish-Language Nets HIDE White House ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

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The White House’s celebration of the Transgender Day of Visibility was an “English Only” event, with no mention whatsoever on any of its Spanish-language social media platforms and feeds. So much for diversity! But rather than covering this shameless pander, the nation’s corporate Spanish-language media enabled it.

Watch as Univision’s morning anchor Satcha Pretto delivers a report on Transgender Day of Visibility…in Mexico City, as aired on Univision’s Despierta América on Monday, April 1st, 2024:

SATCHA PRETTO: And hundreds of protesters marched in the Mexican capital. This, to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Visibility, and draw attention to the discrimination they suffer. Many of them are members of the LGBTQ community and demand a law that protects their rights. And Mexico has recorded four murders of transgender people so far this year.

Talk about misdirection. The networks, in order to maintain their Corporate Equality Index scores, indeed covered Transgender Day of Visibility- just not the event that is swirling in controversy- and there are two reasons why this is the case. First, due to its obsequious commemoration by the nation’s second Catholic president despite falling on the same day as Resurrection Sunday. Second, due to its being withheld from the Hispanic community, at a time when Biden is hemorrhaging Hispanic support.

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Instead, the networks covered the transgender parades in Mexico City. In hindsight, a very easy choice. All of the agenda signaling with none of the messy and inconvenient domestic politics.

This is the route that Telemundo also took:

OCTAVIO PULIDO:  Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters gathered yesterday to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Visibility. During the protest in the capital of Mexico, attendees demanded a law that protects the rights of these people. Many of them, members of the LGBTQ community, marched down the city’s iconic Reforma Avenue, from the Senate building, to denounce the discrimination they commonly face.

And in so doing, both Univision and Telemundo actively aided and abetted the Biden White House in covering and concealing its promotion of Transgender Visibility Day. Time and again, we’ve established that these networks are not representative of the Hispanic community. Rather, they represent the liberal media to the community.

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