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While Donald Trump was mourning a heroic New York City police officer who was murdered during a stop, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden were cracking jokes at Radio City Music Hall with Stephen Colbert.

Mark Levin believes this is “indicative of something bigger.”

“It is indicative of where we are as a country. We have a ruling class in America,” Levin explains.

“It’s not an official ruling class, but it is a group of individuals in different industries with different platforms who have seized authority over this country.”

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Americans are not represented by this ruling class, which is why “so much of what they promote in their media has nothing to do with you.”

Rather, it’s meant to sabotage your way of life.

While issues like transgenderism and systemic racism are non-elected bureaucrats’ favorite ones to amplify, the EPA has just decided that the single-family home for the middle class isn’t conducive to an environmentally healthy America.

“You’re to live in high-density high rises with public transportation; hence the automobile needs to be destroyed,” Levin says.

“Who voted for that? Nobody,” he continues.

“Biden did it through his EPA, and they say, ‘We’ll have cleaner air and cleaner water.’ Of course we won’t. Has nothing to do with that. It’s a massive inconvenience, and the intention is to limit the ability of the middle class to be mobile, to live the lives that you want to live.”

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