This Easter, Bidenomics Fuels Eggs-cessive Inflation

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Christ has risen, and so have food prices, thanks to good old Joe Biden.

The Biden administration has played little number games that allow Democrats to claim — deceptively — that inflation was only 3.2% on average throughout the past year. In reality, however, as The Washington Examiner highlighted, inflation on specific items is astronomically higher, climbing well up into the double digits, particularly for that beloved Easter staple: eggs.


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Ever since medieval Christians started dying and decorating eggs to celebrate the end of Lenten food restrictions and the spiritual rebirth that comes with Christ’s Resurrection, eggs have been a feature of Easter celebrations. In modern America, of course, children love to dye and hunt for eggs, both the organic and plastic varieties. But with inflation on eggs at 49% since Joe Biden took office, according to the Examiner, that part of the holiday may be a little expensive this year. Indeed, while egg prices are reportedly down from last year, they increased 8.4% over the past month, just in time for Easter. House Republicans put the egg inflation even higher at 102% since early 2021. That’s Bidenomics at work!

Eggs aren’t the only Easter food staple with inflation levels that hatch problems for struggling American families, as prices reportedly reach an all-time high this year. The Examiner cited the pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again Inc., which emphasized how much prices have gone up since January 2021, when Biden the egghead took office:


The price of eggs is up 49%; biscuits, rolls, and muffins are up 26%; ham is up 17%; and beef for roasting is up nearly 30%, the group said, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics… Another staple for Easter is chocolates, which are made from cocoa. Cocoa prices are surging to record levels as production in Africa plummets.

While global cocoa prices are up a staggering 128% just since the beginning of this year, major chocolate companies have ensured that the major price jump for consumers will take a little while to “filter through,” the Examiner explained. Still, it’s not unlikely that your chocolate Easter bunny will be pricier this year.

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The House Budget GOP account posted on Friday about Bidenflation. “Happy Good Friday! As Americans prepare to celebrate with their loved ones this Easter Sunday, they can thank President Biden for the higher cost of Easter this year. The cost of everything from eggs to ham is egg-sponentially higher,” the Twitter/X post announced. For Americans already struggling to meet basic and ordinary expenses, celebrating holidays can post a serious budgetary problem in Biden’s America.


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But, of course, Joe Biden is prioritizing “Transgender Day of Visibility” over Christian Easter Sunday on March 31, so he and his handlers probably won’t be concerned at how much they are costing Americans. Joe Biden and the Democrats are taking America to hell in an Easter basket.

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