‘Did she piss herself?’: Unhinged ‘Karen’ goes on drunk tirade at Dallas airport after barred from flight, mocks penis size of cop

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Video has surfaced of a woman going on an unhinged tirade after being barred from an American Airlines flight at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The woman – who is being described as a “Karen” – admitted to police that she was intoxicated from “very full” vodka beverages before berating a cop over his penis size and his salary.

Citing court documents, the Daily Mail reported that Angela Nicole Killian was arrested in September and charged with resisting arrest.

On Sept. 12, an airliner captain prohibited a woman from boarding a flight over concerns of her becoming an unruly passenger.

The American Airlines staff at the gate of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport informed police that Killian became belligerent after she was denied entrance to the plane traveling to Bogota, Colombia.

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The 44-year-old woman allegedly got in the face and made physical contact with several American Airlines employees after being barred from the flight.

Killian was questioned by a female officer, and she broke down into tears and said she just wanted to go home.

Killian admitted that she consumed two “very full” vodka tonics at an airport bar, but it was not any more than she usually drinks when flying.

“I’m not innocent… I’m definitely not completely sober but, I’m not as drunk as you think I am. I’m just super traumatized,” Killian told the officer as seen on the newly released police bodycam video.

Killian’s temperament went from sadness to anger as she was detained at the airport.

“I am trying to be nice, and now I’m done so let’s call my lawyer,” she demanded as seen in the police bodycam footage.

Police gave Killian a chance to cool down, but she repeatedly demanded that she contact her lawyer. They informed her that she was not arrested, and only detained, but she became visibly frustrated by the situation.

The officer then told her that she was under arrest for public intoxication.

Killian became even more enraged after being arrested.

“You pieces of mediocre s**t of your life,” Killian lashed out at the cops. “You feel good making $60,000 a year?”

The woman then insulted the male cop by saying that he has a small penis.

Killian is heard on bodycam video telling the cop, “You f***ing tiny piece of s**t. You feel good f***ing your wife with you’re f***ing five-inch d**k?”

Killian appears to refuse to walk and descends to the floor on her stomach.

A male officer asks, “Did she piss herself? Yep, she did.”

The female officer agreed that the suspect had urinated herself.

However, Killian had another reason for the urine odor.

Killian said, “It’s probably the guy who f***ed your wife before he f***ed you.”

She then incoherently lashed out at the officers, “You feel good about yourself? You f***ing six five eight d**k stack f***ing short tiny a** d**k… wearing a uniform makes you feel good about yourself? You and your f***ing facial hair.’

Police were forced to strap Killian’s legs and carry her out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport until she agreed to walk.

After Killian was placed in the back of the police cruiser, officers discussed how much urine they got on themselves.

“I have it all over my leg. You’re fine… it’s on my pant leg completely, it’s seeped through to my leg,” a female police officer said.

Online commentator Collin Rugg said, “Karen of the year award goes to this lady.”

Killian is scheduled to appear in Tarrant County Criminal Court on April 17. She reportedly has yet to enter a plea.

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