Pro-Palestinian Mob Harasses Biden Supporters at New York Fundraiser

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The pro-Palestinian side continues to demonstrate what lovely people they are, as Israel seeks to destroy their idol, Hamas. During President Joe Biden’s reelection fundraiser in New York with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on Thursday, a mob of pro-Hamas protesters were outside, engaged in their usual yelling and screaming about genocide and calls for a ceasefire. But what separates this from other incidents is that these people were actively harassing those trying to get into or out of the event. Some of the protesters even managed to interrupt the event itself, as well.


The worst part is the vile language they use against Biden supporters, a lot of whom are elderly. In one clip, a guy can be heard yelling at a woman, calling her a “f***ing murderous k*ke,” (although some hear it as “c**t”) and demanding she “f***ing die.”

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Other fun things they yelled included “genocide supporter,” directed at an older couple, and one guy even tried to rip a poster out of an attendant’s hands. Another man was shoved away from the event by the mob.

And the worst part was that the cops did nothing about it, as Heidi Bachram’s X thread about the protesters shows.

You might be thinking the victims of abuse by the mob are seeing the consequences of supporting Biden. The Biden administration has been all but intentionally hamstringing Israel’s ability to destroy Hamas by sanctioning individuals, building a pier to deliver aid to Gaza, and abstaining from a UN vote on a ceasefire resolution. Vice President Kamala Harris even warned of “consequences” as Israel pushes into Rafah. It’s all a cynical ploy to retain the Muslim votes the Democrats are losing in Michigan and Minnesota. But the fundraiser attendees don’t deserve to be abused any more than we deserve to be screamed at as “racists” or whatever for being Trump supporters.


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After all, as much as we hate Biden, none of us would openly call for his death and say we would prefer Hamas be in charge of the country. Someone who did just that is Hamza El Boudali, a Stanford teaching assistant and computer science grad student, which I covered earlier this week.

El Boudali flat-out said he would be “happy if Biden was dead,” although he clarified a military should do it, not a civilian, as if that is somehow better. He called the horrors of October 7 justified and invoked racism in calling for Biden’s death because he “should be treated in the same way that a terrorist with darker skin would be (and we all know terrorists with dark skin are typically bombed and drone striked by American planes).”


The Biden Administration will probably learn nothing from this. It will continue to chase the Muslim vote it’s losing by hobbling Israel rather than going whole hog on its support of Hamas, hoping to cultivate moderates and retain the rest of the Democratic Party that is pro-Israel.

I know that sounds contradictory, but according to Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.), whom I cover from time to time in my day job, the rabidly pro-Hamas part of the Democratic Party we see is just a really loud (and really annoying) minority. Most Democrat voters and their representatives in Congress are pro-Israel, says Moskowitz.


I’m willing to believe him because the Jewish State really is (or at least was) one of the few places of bipartisanship in Congress.

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