The Morning Briefing: Garland’s Goons Arrest a Journalist but Trump’s the Threat to Democracy

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This would probably be a great time to set up some extra security at the National Archives to watch over the Constitution. Unfortunately, the call is coming from inside the house (Google it, young’uns) this time, and it’s getting more and more difficult to protect. If the Democrats in the Executive Branch could get their hands on it, they would probably throw it in a paper shredder. 

The one upside to all of the projection that the Dems do these days is that we know what their plans are. That’s especially true when it comes to all of their caterwauling about Donald Trump and anybody who votes for him being a “threat to Democracy.” It’s one of the main talking points of the stump speech that DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden is giving, as part of the updated Basement Strategy. 

We know who is really coming after the freedoms that we hold dear though, don’t we?

The thoroughly unhinged Attorney General of the United States has been working out the daddy issues he has with Trump by using the Dems’ mentally unbalanced J6 fetish as an excuse to go after Trump supporters almost since the moment he was sworn in. 

I never thought I that I would be able to wistfully look back on Eric Holder’s tenure as the chief law enforcement officer of the country. 

Merrick Garland has given his very well-paid government thugs a respite from arresting people of faith for praying outside of abortion clinics to sic them on a journalist who wouldn’t follow the approved J6 false narrative.


This is from something Lincoln wrote on Friday

At 7:00 local time Friday morning, Blaze reporter Steve Baker turned himself in to the Dallas field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for arraignment. He then faced a federal magistrate. According to the Blaze, Baker received instructions to come to the office wearing shorts and flip-flops to make it easier for agents to place him in an orange jumpsuit, cuffs, and leg shackles. At the time of his arrest, Baker or his attorney weren’t aware of the specific misdemeanor charges against him. Baker claims that the DOJ feared that he might post them on X. 

What did Baker do to find himself under arrest? Ostensibly, he went into the Capitol building on January 6. He was there not as a rioter but as a member of the press. Around 60 other journalists were there with him because, as a reporter, you go where the story is, and the story was inside the Capitol. 

Baker did not destroy anything, and he did not steal anything. He did not chant, sing, or make a speech. He did what reporters are supposed to do. He recorded the facts, and there is video evidence to back this up. The other reporters from various news outlets haven’t been charged.

That’s some straight-up hammer and sickle stuff right there. 

It’s not just Donald Trump who they want locked up before election day. As he is fond of saying, they’re coming after us, he’s just in their way. The Democrats are always looking for ways to game an election, and because subtlety died a hideous death during the pandemic, they’re using law enforcement to help them pre-fix this one. 


Relevant: MSNBC Legal Lunatic Frets Over America’s ‘Deep Commitment to Free Speech’

This latest perversion of justice from Garland’s Dept. of Justice happened on the very same day that the left-leaning appellate court in the District of Columbia issued a ruling that called into question an egregious sentence for one of the J6 defendants, which Rick wrote about. The ruling could potentially affect hundreds of other cases.

The retribution that they so fear from Trump all has to do with the fact that Biden has been using the Justice Department as a punitive cudgel to take his political enemies off of the board. It’s been like watching a Cold War movie called “Bad Times in New East Berlin.” 

Democrats always think that Republicans will sink to their level if given the opportunity. They don’t grasp that everyone else in the world isn’t a scumbag. Trump may have some rough edges, but he’s not going to full Soviet on them like Biden and Garland have with him and the MAGA faithful. 

It’s not just the hardcore MAGA types who are at risk from this rogue DOJ. Anyone who gets so much as a Republican twinkle in his or her eye is going on a watchlist. 

Life was a lot simpler when only people in faraway countries had to worry about knocks on the door at the crack of dawn. 

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