Watch: Ukrainian soldier spots alleged UFO that is longer than the Empire State Building

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A Ukrainian soldier told the Daily Mail that he and others spotted a disc-shaped object hovering about a mile off the ground around the Donetsk province last Friday. The object is said to have been longer than the height of the Empire State Building.

The news of the bizarre spotting was shared by a Ukraine drone operator. The soldier was in the process of guiding his infrared quadcopter 500 feet up when he located the mysterious object. The alleged UFO was said to be 1,300 feet, and it stood motionless in the sky despite strong winds.

The soldier, who is with the Ukrainian army’s 406th Battalion, shared what he saw exclusively with the Daily Mail. He noted that he and his comrades had never “seen things like this before.”

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“Initially, I thought that it was something new invented by the Russians,” he added, “but then I understood… ‘No! It might be [a] UFO.'” The soldier went on to say that the object was 36 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than any other object he had ever tracked in the warzone. This ruled out atmospheric phenomena, balloons, or possible enemy aircraft, per the report.

Outkick reported that a man in the video could be heard saying, “What the f*** is this? Why isn’t it moving?”

At another point, one of the soldiers said that they should consider ramming the object with their done, but they ultimately decided not to.

Outkick went on to note that though there will be those out there who jump on this story, claiming that it could be signs of alien technology, it is important to realize that high-level technology is at play in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The report noted that before jumping to conclusions about the possibility of little green men, “there’s a very real chance it’s rival military gear.” However, it has not been confirmed what the object is or who it belongs to.

The soldier who spotted the alleged UFO said the footage was not stored on the drone itself. “We remove the memory cards from the drones when we are doing flights over enemy territories,” he said.

“There is a risk that if we lose a drone because of enemy electronic countermeasures, they could pick up the drone, they could pick up the card, and read what’s there.”

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