The Morning Briefing: Dem Denial Is Spiking in Unison With Illegal Immigrant Crime Spree

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A frequent refrain of mine — probably since 2020 — is that Dem elites and their media mouthpieces seem to think that none of us have internet. They frequently and casually tell us that everything we see and know is wrong. The most obvious example of that is the repeated insistence that Joe Biden hasn’t lost a step and is mentally sharper than Albert Einstein was at the peak of his general relativity fame. 

That would be the same Joe Biden who routinely abandons his native tongue for slurring gibberish and who can’t find his way out of a room without someone taking his hand and leading him as if he were a toddler. 

They’ve been doing the same thing with Biden’s border nightmare since, well, it became a nightmare. So, it’s been a long time. 

Democrats feast at a smorgasbord of denial when confronted with their failures. A variety of ways to pretend something isn’t happening is always in front of them. At first — and for the longest time — it was garden variety denial. The Biden administration dispatched all of its minions to assure everyone that there was no crisis at our southern border. 

Outside of Washington, some Democratic officials would admit that there was a bit of a problem, but that it wasn’t nearly as bad as many people were saying. 

All any of that denial did was exacerbate the very real crisis. While the public could see the crush of humanity from news sources that weren’t in the tank for the Democrats, Team Biden had “The border is secure,” playing on a loop throughout all of its friendly media. It’s a testament to their powers of prevarication that they could keep saying that with straight faces. 


The shipment of immigrants — legal or illegal — to Chicago and New York made it impossible for President LOLEightyonemillion and his puppet masters to continue pretending that everything down south was A-OK. When Democrats are running out of wiggle room they shift to their tried and true “Blame Republicans” strategy, which is still another form of denial.

We’ve now reached the stage that’s the surest sign that the Dems know they’re losing a grip on the narrative — the “Republicans are racist,” stage, which is yet another permutation of denial. We’ve gotten here because of the rising incidences of violent illegal immigrant crime, which they’re also denying. 

This is from something Kevin wrote yesterday:

As expected, the far left is now suggesting that even talking about these acts of barbarism is, you guessed it, “racist.” On a recent press briefing call, up-and-coming Biden bootlicker, Rep. Robert Garcia, (Dolt-Calif.), power-vomited the usual fallback Marxists scramble to when discussing violence committed by illegal immigrants.

“Immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than native-born people here in this country,” Garcia said. “This immigrant crime narrative is racist. It’s not true.”

Yes, more native-born Americans commit crimes because there are more native-born Americans in the U.S. (for now). Guess who commits more crimes in Japan? Japanese people. 

As with the original wave of denial, this one is only going to serve to make the illegal immigrant crime levels worse. More people are going to get hurt or killed because Democrats want to indulge their fetish for screaming “Racist!” 24/7 in the hopes that the distraction will make some people stop noticing what a monumental failure their open borders policies are. 


Once more, with feeling: Biden’s border catastrophe is both a humanitarian and national security crisis that can’t be swept under the rug. Every response to every “Gotcha!” question thrown at Republican candidates this year should begin with throwing the border insanity in their faces. 

It’s a simple playbook. Let’s hope somebody reads it. 

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