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Now that Donald Trump has essentially locked up the GOP presidential nomination, it’s time to turn our attention to the Veepstakes. There’s been much speculation about the matter, and we’ve had a few hints from Trump himself, but his ultimate decision has yet to be announced. 


A lot of things go into the decision to choose a vice president. John F. Kennedy chose Lyndon B. Johnson in 1960 to balance out his East Coast Catholicism with a Southern Protestant. By most accounts, the two hated each other, but JFK put winning above his personal feelings. Trump picked Mike Pence as his vice president to shore up Evangelicals, who were skittish about the thrice-married reality TV star at that time. Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his veep to appease his far-left flank because she checked multiple diversity boxes. 

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So what will Trump do this time around? Will he go with a former primary candidate who dropped out early and endorsed him, like Sen. Tim Scott or Vivek Ramaswamy? Perhaps he’ll choose someone more traditional, like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem or Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Or maybe he’ll go completely outside the box and pick Tucker Carlson or Kari Lake. 

I always say that PJ Media readers and our loyal VIP members are some of the smartest people on the internet, so now is the time to make your voice heard by voting in our 2024 GOP Veepstakes Poll. 


We can’t afford another four years of Joe Biden. By nearly every possible indicator, we are a nation in decline, and Trump’s VP choice will undoubtedly be on voters’ minds when they go to the polls in November. Who will rise to the top to help him take on the radical left as he battles for the heart and soul of our country? 

Please take a minute to vote for your choice of vice president (one vote per person per 30 days). You’ll get an email with the up-to-the-minute results when you cast your vote. 

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