Democrats hatch plan to block Trump victory if he wins 2024 — and it reeks of hypocrisy: ‘Something we need to prepare for’

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Some Democrats are purportedly conspiring to block Donald Trump from the White House if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule him constitutionally ineligible, according to a new report.

On Friday, the Atlantic published an article explaining “how Democrats could disqualify Trump if the Supreme Court doesn’t.” The plan? If the Supreme Court doesn’t give “clear guidance” (i.e., the outcome Democrats want), according to the Atlantic, then “House Democrats suggest that they might not certify a Trump win on January 6.”

You read that correctly. Some Democrats might do exactly what they claim Trump tried to do: block the certification of a presidential election.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Trump v. Anderson, the case stemming from the Colorado Supreme Court’s having ruled Trump constitutionally ineligible for the presidency. The justices appeared highly skeptical of the case and could rule unanimously in Trump’s favor.

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But what if the court doesn’t address Trump’s eligibility specifically? That could lead to a “constitutional crisis,” the Atlantic argued.

In that case, “Democrats would have to choose between confirming a winner many of them believe is ineligible and defying the will of voters who elected him. … Democrats have a serious chance of winning a majority in Congress in November, even if Trump recaptures the presidency on the same day. If that happens, they could have the votes to prevent him from taking office,” the publication said.

In fact, the Atlantic spoke with top House Democrats who, in the publication’s words, “would not commit to certifying a Trump win” absent of a specific ruling on Trump’s eligibility.

“That would be a colossal disaster,” said Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. “We already had one horrendous Jan. 6. We don’t need another.”

Neither Schiff nor Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) nor House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D) committed to certifying Trump’s potential victory if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule directly on Trump’s constitutional eligibility.

The Atlantic, for its part, tried to lighten the weight of the hypocrisy.

Despite having “left open the possibility of challenging a Trump win,” Democrats “shuddered at its potential repercussions,” the publication said. Moreover, the Atlantic suggested that if Democrats challenge a Trump victory, it’s different.

From the Atlantic:

As Republicans are fond of pointing out, Democrats have objected to the certification of each GOP presidential winner since 2000. None of those challenges went anywhere, and they were all premised on disputing the outcome or legitimacy of the election itself. Contesting a presidential election by claiming that the winner is ineligible, however, has no precedent.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) was perhaps the most explicit.

“We might just decide that’s something we need to prepare for,” Raskin told the Atlantic of not certifying a potential Trump victory.

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