AOC Heckled at Townhall in NYC: ‘All You Care About Is Illegal Aliens’

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves to play the martyr. She’s not happy unless she’s seen by her 13.2 million followers on X suffering the slings and arrows from her critics. 


Watch this video and see if you can catch AOC’s smug condescension at her constituent, who’s also running against her for Congress.

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“My name is Jonathan David Rinaldi and I’m running for Congress against AOC, the Green New Deal is a scam,” Rinaldi shouted as Ocasio-Cortez tried to explain how living with less was actually a good thing, especially when it wasn’t necessary.

“They’re giving the NYCHA apartments away, they’re giving illegal aliens $10,000 a day… I want you to debate me AOC, debate me,” Rinaldi said. New York City Housing Authority apartments are being examined as potential homes for illegal aliens who’ve traveled from the border.

As security was trying to eject Rinaldi. AOC could be seen smiling from the stage.

As Rinaldi was being forcefully ejected from the town hall, another man stood up and also began berating AOC over illegal immigrants.

“Secure the border now,” the man barked at Ocasio-Cortez while waving his finger at her. 

“You haven’t said one word about violent Venezuelan migrants, illegals.”

“You don’t care, all you care about is illegal aliens and their votes. You don’t care about your constituents.”

“That’s all you care about, you’re a disgrace.”

The man was soon drowned out by Ocasio-Cortez’s supporters shouting “AOC, AOC,” and clapping their hands.


Few opponents of AOC would show up at a town hall just to scream at her. That’s what leftists do to conservatives. But AOC took the support from the audience as proof that people in her district support illegal immigrants coming to her district.

“Clearly, this community — Astoria, Jackson Heights, also across the Bronx – clearly supports progressive immigration policies that welcomes all of our neighbors,” she said.

“We clearly support a path to citizenship, we clearly support ending draconian immigration policies and that is why you all… support my representation of our community in Congress because we have had enough.”

I would have loved seeing a poll of that audience about how “welcoming” they are to illegal immigrants.

“We have seen the voices that are anti-immigrant in this country are very very loud but they are very very few and we have to look around and realize how many of us are here in support of our neighbors and an acknowledgment of the fact that virtually all of us are descendants of immigrants, or indigenous people, or enslaved people,” Ocasio-Cortez said. 


According to recent polls, up to 75% of Americans think there’s a crisis at the border or a serious problem.

And while most of us are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, most of us came here legally. The overwhelming majority of border crossers today are illegal.

AOC and others who support open borders find it very inconvenient to differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants. But the facts are facts. As a sovereign nation, we get to decide who can come in and who can’t. Every nation on earth has that right. 

America is no different.

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