Man charged after using hidden cameras to watch dogsitter, other women: Report

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The Kansas City Star reported that a man in Indiana has been accused of setting up hidden cameras disguised as alarm clocks to monitor women without their consent.

Kristan Peter Reibel now faces two counts of voyeurism after the authorities claim he used hidden cameras to record his dogsitter and possibly other women without their knowledge. The revelation was made available after a probable cause affidavit was released.

An investigation into Reibel was ignited in the summer of 2022 after a woman he hired to watch his dog contacted the police about suspicious activity in the house. The woman went on to claim that two alarm clocks had red dots in the middle.

The victim also told officers that she noticed several hidden cameras set up in the home while she stayed there. The cameras were located in the living room and bedroom areas, and after she gained access to his iPad, she found nude photos of her had been saved on the device, according to a second report.

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The woman eventually confronted Reibel — who was allegedly on a trip to Los Angeles — about the cameras. He claimed that his deceased son was the only person who had access to the accounts and that the cameras were set up there for security.

She later returned to gather payment for watching Reibel’s dog and noticed that the iPad had been wiped of all digital data, including the nude photos.

The authorities in Fishers, Indiana, ultimately executed a search warrant of Reibel’s home. They gathered boxes with iPads, cameras, and cell phones packed inside. Officers said that discovered “multiple files over a half an hour long which were saved with different female’s first names.”

The Kansas City Star reported that one woman, who identified herself as Reibel’s “life coach,” told the police that Reibel admitted to recording “16 women who he had sexual relations with, along with 5 individuals who had watched his dogs.”

The report stated that it is not clear from court records why the charges were only recently filed since the crimes were committed in 2022. Reibel’s bond was set at $15,000.

It is also unclear if any other women have come forward in the case, or if they know they were recorded while in Reibel’s home.

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