‘Make Argentina Great Again’: Trump and Milei Embrace at CPAC

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If you want to watch leftist heads explode, show them the video below.

It was a historic embrace. The former American President Donald Trump hugging it out with Argentina’s populist President Javier Milei backstage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


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Trump leaned into the camera, saying: “Make Argentina Great Again.” Milei then uttered his famous phrase, “Long live freedom, damn it!” Milei fashioned his victorious presidential campaign after Trump’s populist movement.

“You were a very great president and I hope you will be again,” Milei — who met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken a day earlier — told Trump as they smiled and laughed.

“President of Argentina, who’s gotten a lot of publicity, he’s a great gentleman,” Trump told the audience. “You know, he’s MAGA, he’s MAGA — Make Argentina Great Again — he said, ‘I am MAGA’ and then I realized he’s one of the few can really do it well, Make Argentina Great Again.


Milei chose a different tone in his speech, delivering an hourlong lecture on why neoclassical economics and post-Marxism are flawed.

Between bouts of hushed applause, Milei brought up “Locke’s theory of appropriation,” “Hayek’s market as a discovery procedure” and added swipes to “irritate Keynesians.”

He closed with a simpler message, reiterating how he sees himself as a lion.

“Fight for your freedom,” Milei concluded, speaking in Spanish. “Every day we awaken more lions, The message of freedom not only brought us to the presidency of Argentina, but we’re also awakening the whole world.”

Naturally, the entire radical-left establishment in Argentina is frothing at the mouth angry at him. Milei shrugs off the strikes and other demonstrations and wears them like a badge of honor. He’s got to be doing something right to generate so much hate and loathing, right?


Even some in Milei’s own camp were unsure if the partisan political nature of CPAC was an appropriate venue for the nation’s president.

Associated Press:

The Argentine’s appearance at CPAC came a day after he met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. A top Milei official alleged that Marc Stanley, the U.S. ambassador in Buenos Aires, had suggested that Milei not speak at CPAC.

Milei’s security minister, Patricia Bullrich, who was also attending the gathering south of Washington, said Stanley told Milei’s office that he thought the conference was “very political” and that it was not appropriate for him to participate.

“It was honorable to come,” Bullrich said. “He comes here as a speaker, to give a general speech, not to talk about the election.”

It’s clear that Milei spoke the language of many on the right in the U.S.

“Do not be led by mermaids singing social justice,” he said in Spanish. “Do not give up your freedom. Fight for your freedom because if you do not fight, you will be led into misery.”

Milei should come to CPAC every year.

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