Teachers to be retrained over black history lesson with ‘colored’ and ‘white’ entrances at North Carolina high school

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A North Carolina high school’s controversial classroom demonstration garnered so much public outcry that the district ordered it to be taken down and will have teachers retrained.

The door decorations at West Charlotte High School were a part of black history month and showed how segregation was implemented at a Sears Department Store from 1930.

Rather than merely criticizing segregation, however, the signs were actually meant to point to efforts by the department store to allow blacks and whites to shop together.

“The purpose of the door was to show that Sears, which is a department store, was one of the first stores that allowed blacks to shop with white people,” said Laquinta Caldwell, the daughter of the teacher, to NBC News.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said the signs were up only for a few hours on Feb. 14.

The district also said that teachers will be retrained on appropriate lessons of the history curriculum.

“The school district is required to provide social studies and history lessons to all our students in an age-appropriate manner. Teachers at West Charlotte High School decorated doors that displayed inappropriate content,” read a statement from the district. “The activity is not aligned to state standards or with CMS curriculum and approved lesson plans.”

The district also pointed out other door decorations that were appropriate, including those involving “Motown legends” and “women of excellence.”

One decoration read, “Rosa sat so Martin could walk so Obama and Harris could run.”

While some people on social media were definitely offended by the decoration, others said it was a good lesson for children.

“This brought the past front and center in a way many of us today have never experienced firsthand,” said one commenter on Facebook. “This was the reality not too long ago. That’s the lesson right there.”

“I think these kinds of things make this history more real so conversations can be had and perspectives gained. I think it’s great,” read another commenter.

Here’s a news video of the incident:

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