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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Collaptra’s interpretive lima bean stylings had become the surprise hit of Tuesday Water Bingo. 


Many thanks to Chris Queen for once again filling in for me while I was traveling. Also, I would like to get the Mailbag back up and running next week, so let’s get those cards and letters going again. Ask me anything. It doesn’t have to be about news or politics. 

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It should come as no surprise to regular readers here that I think Republican candidates in 2024 should lead with Joe Biden’s border nightmare when attacking Democrats. It’s both a humanitarian and national security crisis and this country can’t survive another four years of open borders madness. 

While that is the most pressing issue, there’s plenty more to throw at the Dems after a few years of the Team Biden wrecking ball. One issue that predates this clown care of an administration is the hot mess that is public education in the United States of America. It’s an evergreen issue, and one that I think the Republicans haven’t been giving enough attention to in recent election cycles. 

There are a number of ways to attack the failures of the Dept. of Education, because it manages to screw up anything it touches. It’s the classic example of a bloated bureaucracy that is nothing but a black hole for taxpayer dollars. Kids are getting dumber, and the Democrats can only screech for money.

Then there’s the fact that public schools are leftist indoctrination centers. They have been for a very long time but have taken a disturbing leftward turn of late. They used to be a little sneakier about cranking out hivemind progressives but have just been letting their freak flags fly more and more. Academia takes a lot of the blame for indoctrination, and rightfully so. The kids who spend their K-12 years in public schools are prepped to swallow whatever far-left garbage is fed to them in college though.


Rick wrote something yesterday that perfectly illustrates how focused some public schools are on lurching kids to the left:

Teachers at New York City Public School 321 are taking Black History Month very, very seriously.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students were treated to a special coloring book from the child “educators” in Black Lives Matter. “What We Believe” tells the story of the radical group’s founding and the 13 tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

What are those “13 tenets”?  One tenet is “Queer Affirming,” Another is “Transgender Affirming,” and then there’s “Restorative Justice.” Principle number 2, “Empathy,” is described as “engaging comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.”

Don’t connect with a human being. Connect with their “context” or where their grievance is coming from.

They do like to start them early, don’t they? 

Black Lives Matter is a straight-up commie grift. It always has been, and it always will be. That is the only thing that school kids need to be taught about the organization. It’s a cautionary tale, not something to be celebrated. 

Rick mentions the effort to “keep parents in the dark” when it comes to what their kids are being taught. That’s been brought to the fore in the last few years in parental battles with schools that are teaching Critical Race Theory. In many cases, administrators and teachers aren’t merely coy about what they are teaching, they’re completely dishonest. 


I wrote in “Don’t Let the Hippies Shower” that public educators would like to get to kids in the womb if they could. Democrats would prefer that parents be removed from the lives of their own children as much as possible. The public school teachers are replacements, not partners with the parents in the children’s education journey. 

For many years, conservative Republican candidates and elected officials would call for the abolishment of the Dept. of Education. That’s something that should become a part of more GOP stump speeches. Public schools — especially those in poor areas — will continue to decline as long as the federal government is in control. 

Kids don’t need bureaucratic concerns to be the primary influence on education. 

And they really don’t need commie coloring books. 

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