Massachusetts Spends $64 Daily on Each Illegal’s Meals

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Massachusetts is spending huge amounts of taxpayer dollars feeding and caring for illegal migrants. Nothing like taking citizens’ money to fund non-citizen lawbreakers.


Democrats love to reward criminals and persecute law-abiding citizens. If you call a murderous shooter a “thug,” then you’re racist; if you want a gun to protect your children from the shooter, you’re evil. Violent malefactors are released again and yet again by leftist DAs, while federal law enforcement chases MAGA grandpas and traditional Catholics. What a disaster Democrat-run areas are.

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Speaking of which, the state of Massachusetts has been expending $64 every day on each and every migrant under state care, according to Breitbart. The outlet added that the Democrat-run state is set to spend a billion dollars by 2025, partly due to the burden of funding illegals. Reportedly, Massachusetts shells out $16 for breakfast, $17 for lunch, and as much as $31 for supper for the migrants daily. Since the state houses some 20,000 migrants, that’s a staggering amount of taxpayer money it’s spending.

The state insists that it is required to provide the free food due to its 1983 sanctuary city law, which was passed to deal with a far smaller number of homeless people in the state, Fox Business Network reported.

However, the right to shelter law is not exactly being applied as written. The law also says that those afforded shelter must be supplied with refrigerators and the capability to prepare food, but migrants are being given already-made food, not the capability to prepare their own.


Democrat Gov. Maura Healey claimed recently that the state just had to shut down community centers and rent hotels for the illegal migrants. Massachusetts parents don’t buy her stupid claims.

VIPMore Illegals Encountered Since Oct. Than Two States’ Populations

Spinelli Ravioli, a food service provider, is the lucky awardee of Massachusetts’ $10 million, six-month, no-bid contract, according to Breitbart. Healy’s state of emergency proclamation is the state’s justification for this expensive nonsense.

State Sen. Peter Durant, a Republican, is frustrated that the state’s Democrat administration lacks transparency on the costs for this crisis, Breitbart noted. “That’s the concern is the money has to come from somewhere and, so, there’s only really two options,” he said. “You either raise taxes or you cut services. So, this, all of this kind of flows downhill right straight to the taxpayers.” Durant certainly hit the nail on the head there. It’s always ordinary Americans who have to pay for Democrats’ ideological idiocy.

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