Canadian great-grandmother, 80, suffering from Alzheimer’s reportedly raped at Bahamas resort: ‘Unimaginable nightmare’

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An 80-year-old Canadian woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was raped at a resort in the Bahamas last month by a fellow tourist from Canada, according to her family.

The woman – who was not named – was on a vacation with her daughter at the Warwick Hotel Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.

The woman’s son, David Ahrens, wrote in a LinkedIn post: “Rape is never ok. I’m going to share some very difficult news with you. On January 28th, at the Warwick Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas, my 80-year-old mother, who is a grandmother and great-grandmother, and who has Alzheimer’s, was sexually assaulted and raped by a guest at the hotel.”

While at the resort, a man allegedly invited himself to dinner with the vacationing family and their friends. Ahrens said his sister got separated from her mother while taking an elevator – leaving the elderly woman alone with the dinner guest.

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Aherns said his sister and others searched floor by floor for the mother for about 45 minutes.

Joining the search for the 80-year-old woman was Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Tom Justice, who was in the Bahamas on an assignment.

Ahrens told WSOC-TV, “The doors open up and there is my mother with this assailant,” adding that Justice “pinned the guy in the elevator.”

“Down the elevator they went to the lobby,” Ahrens continued. “He pulled him out, the police took over.”

Ahrens told CTV News, “Of course my mother was frightened, and while we don’t need to go into a ton of detail, but what I will say, and it is horrendous, that she was holding her own underwear in her hand at that point in the elevator.”

The son wrote, “He assaulted her in his room. This is a vile, unthinkable, and an unimaginable nightmare.”

Ahrens said security video shows his mother resisting the man as he forced her into a hotel room.

Ahrens’ mother was reportedly taken to a local hospital, where she tested positive after a rape kit was administered.

The son claimed that a 61-year-old Canadian man from Nova Scotia was arrested.

“He was denied bail and could face life in prison if convicted,” according to the New York Post.

Ahrens said he flew down to the tropical island immediately after finding out about the rape allegations and noted that the police in the Bahamas have assisted the family greatly during the investigation.

Global Affairs Canada – Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations agency – confirmed to CTV News that a Canadian was arrested in the Bahamas.

“Our concern is the combination of Alzheimer’s plus this incident of being sexually assaulted and rape, you know, that’s playing with her mind. So we’re just worried it’s playing in her subconscious and it’s just making things worse at the moment,” Ahrens said.

The rape accusations arrive at nearly the same time that two American mothers claimed they were drugged and raped at a resort in the Bahamas.

As Blaze News previously reported, two women from Kentucky say their tropical cocktails were spiked with drugs and then they were raped by staff members at a Bahamas resort.

An American nurse who treated the two women said, “Out of my 20-odd years of practicing, it was the worst scene that I had ever had to work. It was a horrible situation for both girls.”

Two men were arrested in connection with the alleged sexual assault.

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Elderly Canadian mother raped at Bahamas resort | CTV National

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