Cheerios Chemically Castrating American Public With Impunity

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Researchers recently discovered an agri-chemical found in Cheerios, known to retard fetus development and reduce fertility, in a whopping 90% of samples taken from 2023, a substantial increase from the chemical’s presence in 69% of samples taken just a few years ago in 2017.


Via Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology: (emphasis added):

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Chlormequat chloride is a plant growth regulator* whose use on grain crops is on the rise in North America. Toxicological studies suggest that exposure to chlormequat can reduce fertility and harm the developing fetus at doses lower than those used by regulatory agencies to set allowable daily intake levels. Here we report, the presence of chlormequat in urine samples collected from people in the U.S., with detection frequencies of 69%, 74%, and 90% for samples collected in 2017, 2018–2022, and 2023, respectively. Chlormequat was detected at low concentrations in samples from 2017 through 2022, with a significant increase in concentrations for samples from 2023.

*Somehow, crops managed to grow, and humans managed to harvest them, for thousands of years prior to the Industrial Revolution — sans the fetal disfigurement.

“I have been trying to warn you. Don’t eat big name brands. We are up against a depopulation cult,” Alex Jones wrote on Twitter/X.

Every day, published scientific research looks more and more like Alex Jones wrote it himself from his InfoWars studio in Austin, Texas.

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What we have here is asymmetrical warfare. The vast majority of the combatants on one side (the useless eaters, as they are described by the technocracy) has no idea it is in a war.

There are no bullets (yet) or nukes (yet).

This one-sided war is waged instead with syringes and chemicals dumped in the water supply in the name of dental health, and agri-chemicals infused into popular food products like Cheerios, universally with the effect of dumbing down, chemically castrating, and slowly killing the population — nice and quiet and orderly in manner, with ne’er a word of protest from 90%+ of the victims, just like the Nazis would have wanted.

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And, unless some serious opposition is mounted, which would require much more activity from the masses of inert humanity than we currently see, the nanotech will usher in a whole new era of surreptitious social control executed at the microscopic level.

The prognosis is not great.

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