The Morning Briefing: Election Year Surprise — Radio Soros Is Going to Commie Up the Airwaves

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Farotuc had such passion for his baked bean and cherry custard that many in Jorts Society were willing to try it sober. 


A lesson we all learned back in Satan’s Year 2020 was to never, ever ask, “What else could possibly go wrong?” The universe just sits around waiting for some idiot to say that out loud so that it can reach into its bottomless bag of answers for the question. 

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As 2019 wound down and we prepared ourselves for the last presidential election year, even the gloomiest among us couldn’t have imagined the Pandora’s Box of viral horrors that were about to empower the worst of America’s political class. Now that the next election is upon us, we’re still dealing with a lot of the woes visited upon us as a result of the pandemic, most notably a presidential administration that is hell-bent on destroying the Republic. 

Whoa — I’m a cheery one today. 

We’ve been conditioned to expect the worst when it comes to media and American politics and — whaddya know — the worst is already starting to show up. 

This is from Victoria

Invading armies prepare the battlefield by securing information dominance if possible, the conduit through which they push their propaganda. Maybe that’s the reason that leftist George Soros and his son, leftists who hate traditional American values, are using their billions to buy huge interests in radio stations that have some of the biggest audiences in America. And right before the 2024 election. What a coincidence. 

Audacy owns big news and talk stations; beloved, big booming oldies and classic rock stations, adult contemporary music stations, and sports talk outlets. Among the biggest properties it owns are news outlets such as 1010 WINS in New York City, KCBS in San Francisco, WBBM Newsradio in Chicago, and KNX News in Los Angeles. The group owns WFAN in New York, 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, The Score 670 in Chicago, and 940 WIP in Philly. Its oldies and classic rock stations include 100.3 JACK FM in Dallas, KISW in Seattle, and KRTH 101 in LA. 

The radio conglomerate owns 230 radio stations around the country that they claim possess 90% “coverage” in each market and boasts 165 million monthly broadcast listeners.


Seriously, how much money does this commie pig have? I was kind of hoping that he and sonny boy had spent all of it buying criminal-loving prosecutors like noted Trump persecutor, Alvin “Never Missed a Sandwich” Bragg. 

Any large incursion into media by the Soros Borg would be disturbing. What’s so ominous about this story is that a lot of major market news radio stations are involved. Talk radio stations can obviously disseminate biased opinion with ease, and there are plenty of them in the mix for Soros here. 

The Soros touch on stations that thousands upon thousands of commuters in big cities rely on for their news every day could really muddy up things in an election year. 

Every dollar Soros spends is an activist dollar with strings attached. It would be naive to think that he won’t have any influence as a media mogul over properties he controls. And he will have enough control: 

The Post reports that “Soros’s stake is equal to about 40% of the company’s senior debt — a massive chunk which, although not a majority, could yield effective control of the media giant when it emerges from bankruptcy.”

Victoria offers some examples of how Soros has already used his money to influence politics and events in America. 

As we saw in 2020 with several major issues, there is great power in not reporting things that might sway the opinions of a significant portion of the electorate. Soros-controlled stations that are go-to options for news junkies could run interference for Biden and the Democrats merely by downplaying or avoiding stories that aren’t favorable for them. Propaganda can work in a variety of ways. 


Conservatives have long dominated talk radio, and no one was too worried about the news stations. Soros looks to be taking an, “If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em” approach, and that’s fraught with disturbing possibilities for the future of this country. 

The kinds of things that might make us wish we were only dealing with a rampaging virus. 

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