Florida police department’s light-hearted Valentine’s Day post draws ire of social media scolds

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A group of cops with an Atlantic Coast police department in Central Florida tried to lighten the mood on Valentine’s Day with a satirical social media post, filled with chocolates and jokes. But sadly, not everyone was laughing.

On Wednesday, the Port Orange Police Department took to Facebook and offered to rescue area singles from loneliness on the lovers’ holiday by spending the day with them. All interested bachelors and bachelorettes had to do to win some special one-on-one time with a local police officer was complete one simple task: “Commit a crime.”

“We know you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day,” the post said, “but don’t worry, we have a way! Just commit a crime and we’ll come to you, we’ll bring the chocolates and the handcuffs too.”

Lest anyone mistake the humorous intent of the message, the post also included white and pink heart emojis. A picture of five smiling officers, four males and one female, holding various Valentine’s Day sweets, including a box of chocolates and a box of doughnuts, was included for good measure.

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Despite the post’s clear levity, some Facebook users insisted on taking it seriously. Very seriously.

  • “I would think you would be encouraging people not to commit crimes,” one user wrote.
  • “That’s cute. Police encouraging people to break the law, so they can make an arrest? Why not just make something up?” another wrote in part.
  • “While the creativity is noted, let’s aim to keep our community space positive and supportive, especially on days like Valentine’s Day,” said yet another Facebook marm. “Instead of encouraging actions like ‘just commit a crime and we’ll come to you,’ let’s spread love and kindness instead.”

The post also received a lot of positive reactions from those with a sense of humor. Not only did hundreds of people like, love, or laugh at it, but some even decided play along.

  • “Careful…. Some people will do anything for a donut,” one user quipped with a winking emoji.
  • “Only if you guys use the fluffy pink cuffs,” joked another.
  • “Officer Vasquez I’ve been bad!” claimed one female user.

There have been no reports of otherwise law-abiding citizens in Port Orange committing a criminal offense in the hopes of finding true love with a member of law enforcement after reading that Facebook message. POPD did not respond to the Daytona Beach News-Journal‘s request for comment.

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