Pro-Palestine protesters in NYC vow to be even ‘louder’ after Instagram boots anti-Israel group from its platform

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Around 1,000 anti-Israel protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn on Saturday, claiming that they would be even “louder” about the ongoing war in Gaza. There were also hundreds of other protesters who stood inside the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown, according to the New York Post.

The NYPD had a police presence in the area, appearing to try and keep the protesters on the sidewalks. However, the protesters chanted “[t]he more you try to silence us the louder we will be” as they made their way down Park Slope around 4:00 p.m.

The report noted that the chants appeared to be alluding to the permanent ban of the group Within Our Lifetime from Instagram. The group took to X, writing: “As zionist forces continue their crackdown on Palestine online and in the streets, @instagram has permanently deleted both WOL & WOL chair @NerdeenKiswani‘s main and backup accounts, with no option to appeal or request a review to restore them. But the more they try to silence us, the louder we will be.”

Nerdeen Kiswani — the leader of the group — is reportedly no longer active on Instagram.

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She appears to have a history of making overtly anti-Semitic statements. The Anti-Defamation League reported, “On at least four occasions, Kiswani and WOL have used social media to share classic antisemitic tropes related to alleged Israeli and ‘Zionist’ control or nefarious influence over Hollywood, sexual violence against women, politics, media and more.”

• 2017: WOL Facebook post: “From occupied Palestine to Hollywood, israel’s[sic] dogs of war find lucrative positions upholding imperialism, sexual violence and misogyny.”
• 2016 WOL Facebook post: “When the vast majority of politicians in the US are bought off by the zionist [sic] lobby, talk is cheap.”
• July 2015: On Facebook, Kiswani advertised an event: “Please be here tomorrow if you can! It’s the same story of zionists[sic] using their political clout to get away from being held accountable for hate based crimes while ironically accusing others of what they have done…”
• 2013: Kiswani shared a quote on Facebook that included: “Despite the almost total control of the major media conglomerates by Global Zionism, the advocates of pro-Palestine are winning the war on social medias[sic].”

Kiswani appeared outside the Brooklyn Public Library on Saturday, saying: “We will not let the NYPD repressive forces or companies like META silence us!”

The Post reported that there was a large group of demonstrators in the area who could be seen carrying around a banner that read, “By all means necessary.” There was a second banner that called for a “cease-fire now.”

Vendors in the area did not appear to take a liking to the protesters, suggesting that they “go somewhere else to spew their nonsense.” The comment ultimately led to an altercation that was eventually broken up by the police.

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