Human Rights Lawyer: UNRWA Is ‘Terrorism-Infested’

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An international human rights lawyer is telling the world that Hamas and UNRWA are indistinguishably tied together, with the terrorist group exercising immense control over the alleged humanitarian agency.


Multiple countries, including the U.S., have suspended their funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) after allegations that UNRWA members participated in the Oct. 7 atrocities on Israelis. 

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Not everyone is convinced, however, despite years of evidence showing Hamas-UNRWA ties — some claim that only a portion of UNRWA has terrorist ties (as if that makes it okay), while a Norwegian politician just nominated UNRWA for the Nobel Peace Prize! But international human rights attorney Hillel Neuer has a strong and damning case against UNRWA.

Neuer’s Jan. 30 testimony before Congressional committees was filled with fascinating and important information, including the fact that there are “about 1,200 UNRWA staff who actually belong to the terrorist organizations; 3,000 UNRWA teachers in this Telegram group [that celebrated Oct. 7]; 6,000 UNRWA employees whose family members belong to Hamas or Islamic Jihad. This is not a problem of ‘bad apples’; UNRWA is rotten to the core.” UNRWA schools also train kids to glorify and emulate jihadis.

But Neuer’s efforts didn’t stop with the testimony, and the information he shared should be read and heard by every American and Westerner even remotely inclined to give UNRWA the benefit of the doubt. This is especially true since our tax dollars funded these jihadis; until the current suspension, America was UNRWA’s biggest donor, providing $300 million a year, according to Neuer. The attorney has extensive documentation to back up his arguments, as he has been reporting on UNRWA terror ties for nine years.


Neuer posted on Twitter/X on Feb. 7:

UNRWA is the most terrorism-infested agency in the history of the United Nations.

In 2017 Hamas elected to its Politburo:

• Yahya Sinwar, Chair

• Suhail al-Hindi, head of UNRWA Gaza staff union & boys school

• Muhammad Daoud Ismail al-Jamassi, head UNRWA engineer, central Gaza

Neuer added, “UNRWA’s defenders know it’s not ‘only a few bad apples.’” He cited former Canadian ambassador Michael Bell: “Hamas dominates the UNRWA trade unions and its staff is replete with Hamas supporters.” Bell stunningly added, “How could one expect otherwise from a population feeling itself dispossessed?”

It’s impossible for United Nations and UNRWA officials not to have known about the terrorist ties, especially since he provided them with evidence, Neuer noted in his testimony. 

“The core problem of UNRWA, the very purpose of the agency, is to perpetuate the war of 1948, to send the message to Palestinians that the war of 1948 is not over,” he insisted. “Don’t use cement to build homes, hospitals, and schools here in Gaza. Use it to build hundreds of miles of terror tunnels, to tunnel into Israel, to invade Israel, to go back to where your true homes are. That is the message of UNRWA.” The Oct. 7 atrocities were a result of 70 years of UNRWA-sponsored propaganda, he added.


It’s time to defund not just UNRWA, but the United Nations altogether. America needs to stop financially assisting anti-Semitic terrorism.

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