WHAT? Univision’s Jorge Ramos Whines About Senate Democrats Voting Like ‘Extremist Republicans’ On Border Bill

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During a segment on Univision political affairs show Al Punto, host Jorge Ramos complained that the Senate border bill was too restrictive inasmuch as it didn’t address permanence for those in the country illegally before the ongoing border crisis. No DREAM Act, no DACA, no pathway to citizenship.

Watch as Ramos also laments the Democrats taking positions on the border that he says are ever “closer and closer to these extremist positions of some Republicans”: 

JORGE RAMOS: Again, something that is missing in this plan that is being negotiated in the Senate has to do with – there is no legalization for undocumented immigrants, there is nothing for DREAMers, and instead the Democrats seem to be getting closer and closer to these extremist positions of some Republicans.

Ramos was interviewing New York Congressman Adriano Espaillat on the border bill when he let loose. This surprises no one, given Ramos’ extensive and well-documented track record as an immigration activist. 

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We’ve said for years that any restriction on the unimpeded flow of immigrants into the United States, no matter how minimal, is just too much. No scheme to legalize millions if illegals is out of bounds.

It was Ramos, after all, who first gave oxygen to the insane proposal to stuff a massive amnesty into the budget reconciliation process just three weeks into President Biden’s term. It was Ramos who penned a gleeful column celebrating the 2016 primary defeats of the insufficiently pro-amnesty Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

As the Senate debates this border bill (which reasonable critics conclude is a permanent codification of the ongoing border disaster), Ramos whines that it isn’t sufficiently open bordersy, wondering aloud why DACA recipients and longtime illegals do not get a pathway to citizenship in this bill. And furthermore, Ramos grouses that the Senate Democrats are acting in a manner not unlike the “extremist” Republicans.

With hot takes like that, it’s no wonder that Univision’s fortunes continue to ebb and flow. This is but the start- expect an opinion column to follow along these same lines. Coming soon.

Click “expand” to view the full transcript of the aforementioned interview as aired on Univision’s Al Punto on Sunday, February 5th, 2024:

JORGE RAMOS: We continue with the crisis at the border. And lately, there is an idea that has been repeated by both Republicans and Democrats, and even President Biden himself has commented on it. And the idea is to close the border with Mexico. Is this a possible solution? Democratic Congressman Adriano Espaillat joins us.

Congressman, thank you for joining us. You and I have heard Donald Trump say many times that he wants to close the border, but I have never heard President Biden, or a Democratic president, say that he wants to close the border with Mexico. What is going on?

CONGRESSMAN ADRIANO ESPAILLAT (D-NY): Well, I really think that the immigration issue has been used, I said – I would say, in an impressive manner in an electoral season by the Republican Party, and they have projected this very acute crisis. It is a crisis, but I believe that there are solutions and I do not believe that it should come down to closing the border. So I don’t think- first: how do you close a border? I don’t think it’s feasible. We have presented four basic points, a comprehensive proposal, the Hispanic Caucus, which includes immigration reforms such as DAPA- DACA, the DREAMers, family reunification, also border security issues, ports of entry, more technology, etc. Also, the economy and how immigration impacts the economy, agricultural workers, work authorization, and finally, the crisis also has its roots. We see what has happened in Ecuador, for example. This week I presented a TPS bill for Ecuadorians because they face an unprecedented wave of violence, and naturally there will be an increase in immigration from that country, no one can stop that.

RAMOS: Again, something that is missing in this plan that is being negotiated in the Senate has to do with – there is no legalization for undocumented immigrants, there is nothing for DREAMers, and instead the Democrats seem to be getting closer and closer to these extremist positions of some Republicans.

ESPAILLAT: I agree. The plan has to be balanced, including some topics and issues of border security, but there has to be an immigration endgame for immigrants – for those seeking political asylum. It seems to me that this four-point, four-pillar Caucus plan is a sensible plan, which also includes border security. There’s also the Dignity Act, which is an act—a Republican and Democratic bill, but no one wants to discuss that.

RAMOS: You support it, correct? You support this Dignity Plan.

ESPAILLAT: I support the Dignity Plan, and María Elvira Salazar also supports it, and Verónica Escobar, who is a Democratic congresswoman from the border, and other Republicans also support it. I think it is a great idea, and at least it should serve as a draft to begin discussing this in a balanced way.

RAMOS: How is New York dealing with the arrival of thousands and thousands of immigrants? The mayor says the city can’t take it anymore. What’s the situation?

ESPAILLAT: Well, 170,000 immigrants have arrived, of which 66,000 have stayed. I asked for 3 billion dollars in this debate for border security, for funds for Israel and for Ukraine. There has to be money there for the cities, I asked for 3 billion dollars. The White House says that it’s 1.4, I believe that some dollars will be included there for the cities to deal with this problem that they face with shelter and food for immigrants. But mainly, Jorge, the solution is a work authorization. When the immigrant works, he is no longer a burden on the government, he moves into a room, he moves into a basement. When you come to find out, they are homeowners, and maybe one day they will also have a Member of Congress.

RAMOS: That’s it. We hope so. Congressman Espaillat, thank you for being here.

ESPAILLAT: Thanks to you always.

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