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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. (The Sine Qua Non Sequitur is on hiatus and rumored to be returning before Easter. Easter of what year is unclear.)


Populism has gotten a bad rap in the mainstream media for a very long time. Leftists are absolutely terrified of the thought of regular folks having any kind of power and say in how they’re governed. 

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See what happens when you stop teaching the truth about the American Revolutionary War in public schools? 

Those pesky populist leaders have been showing up around the world lately, usually after a country has had it with being run into the ground by leftist leaders. American media hacks become apoplectic whenever a populist candidate rises to power in another country. It gives the poor dears Trump flashbacks. 

When Giorgia Meloni became the first female prime minister of Italy in 2022, there was no celebration of the historic win in the American MSM. The commie journo class here was too overwrought because Meloni is far-right, heterosexual, and none of the things that they like their HISTORIC FIRST types to be.

The presidential election in El Salvador over the weekend has given the lefty hacks here another case of the populism/nationalism vapors, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Jon Del Arroz wrote about it for us

El Salvador gets ready to go to the polls for a historic election today as President Nayib Bukele is poised for one of the biggest landslide victories ever in a country with free elections. In the midst of this, the U.S. mainstream media and some government officials, including “Somalia First” Rep. Ilhan Omar, have threatened to take action to interfere with the election, as it appears they are angry that Bukele has been successful with his nationalistic policies in El Salvador that run counter to the globalist agenda.  


Anybody who gets Ilhan Omar’s hijab in a twist is A-OK in my book. 

American Democrats are big fans of criminals, especially since President LOLEightyonemillion and his ne’er-do-well son have been stinking up the White House. President Bukele is decidedly anti-lawbreakers, which is no doubt one huge reason that the Squad types can’t stand him. 

Democrats in crime-ridden blue cities have opted for full resignation when it comes to dealing with crime. It’s refreshing to see that people in other places reach a breaking point when the criminals have had their way for too long. Bukele’s handling of criminal elements in El Salvador is key to his overwhelming popularity. Here’s an example:

In 2022, Bukele performed a near-miraculous operation, wiping out three of El Salvador’s largest gangs in three days without tipping them off, resulting in zero retaliation. His government built a giant prison to house the gang members, with 76,000 people arrested in total to clean up the country.  

Leftists in America cried about human rights and dictatorial powers as El Salvadorans could walk the streets of their country safely for the first time. In 2023, the homicide rate dropped to 2.4 per thousand, the lowest rate in the Americas. Now, many U.S. cities face levels similar to what El Salvador had during the worst of its gang problems. 


Voters in America’s perennially blue urban hellholes seem to not be aware that they could change their circumstances if the simply changed their voting habits. Democrats want to make sure that they remain ignorant, which is why they demonize Bukele. 

Nayib Bukele’s historic reelection comes just a couple of months after Javier Milei was elected president in Argentina. Milei was propelled into office by a wave of anti-leftist sentiment in his country. 

The rise of populism around the world has got to be unsettling for Democrats, especially during an election year. Dems have become an elitist, farther than far-left party that would prefer voters be permanently disenfranchised. The party is never described that way by their flying monkeys in the mainstream media, of course. It’s only Republicans and conservatives who are “far” anything. The reality is that the GOP is still not nearly conservative enough while the Democrats plunged off of the progressive cliff years ago. 

The antidote to concentrated federal power and tyranny is a cranky electorate that’s filled with populist fervor. 

It would be nice if the Republicans managed to stop getting in their own way too. 

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