Convoy Protesting Illegal Immigration Closes Out With Rallies in Three States

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Despite what leftists might claim, the biggest threat to our national security is not climate change. It’s the massive flood of illegal migrants spilling across the southern border in record numbers. There have been quite a few arrests of individuals at the border who ended up being on the FBI terrorist watch list. 


Now imagine how many individuals on the list have managed to slip through the cracks and gain entrance into the United States. It seems almost inevitable that we are going to see a terrorist attack on our soil. I sincerely hope I am wrong about that, but even former president Donald Trump thinks so.

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The threat that President Joe Biden, who has done nothing to stem the tide of illegal migrants pouring into the country, and his “open border” policy poses is the reason why a few hundred people got together across three states along the border, bringing the cross-country “Take Our Border Back” convoy that made its way from Virginia to Texas last week, according to NBC News

The rally in the Lone Star State took place at the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch, which is located in the town of Quemado, just 20 miles outside of Eagle Pass, which is where a whole lot of the action concerning illegal crossings has taken place. 

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“The mission here is the border, that’s what we’re here for,” Trenis Evans, one of the speakers at the Quemado rally, went on to say.

There are a lot of reasons folks are concerned with the havoc and chaos unfurling along this portion of the country. Sure, there are desperate people and whole families who want to escape from oppression and harsh conditions, but that is not the only kind of people coming into the U.S. 


We’re also getting a lot of cartel members utilizing this opportunity to gain access to the interior of the nation to peddle dangerous illicit substances like fentanyl to an expansive customer base here in the United States. Just look at how many people are dying due to overdosing on this substance. We have a serious problem on our hands here. 

Another rally took place on Saturday in San Ysidro, Calif., where the organizer of the convoy, Scotty Saks, stated that the border is “a national security crisis.” I could not agree with Saks more on that point. 

“We have a human trafficking problem on the border in proportions that we’ve never imagined,” Saks said in a speech delivered to a crowd of around 200 people, according to a report from the New York Post

A third rally was held in Yuma, Ariz. 

As these rallies were being held, tensions between Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) and the Biden administration reached new highs. The crux of the issue between the two parties is enforcement measures and jurisdictional authority. 

The Biden administration wants to tell Abbott what he’s not allowed to do to handle the border crisis while simultaneously not lifting a finger to solve the problem themselves. It’s looking more and more like President Biden is purposefully allowing the border to remain open so illegal immigrants will cross in huge numbers and change the demographics in the country in a way that is favorable to Democrats. 


Here’s more from FreightWaves:

The Texas National Guard seized control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass several weeks ago, and erected a razor wire barrier around it, limiting U.S. Border Patrol’s access to the area.

On Sunday, Abbott held a news briefing in Shelby Park accompanied by 13 Republican governors to discuss border and immigration issues.

“A state can defend itself and its citizens to protect their safety from the imminent danger that we are facing, and from an invasion of millions of people coming from across the globe into our country who are unaccounted for whatsoever,” Abbott said.

Abbott also said he is expanding Operation Lone Star, the controversial border security initiative he launched in 2021. The operation has included deploying Texas National Guard members along the Mexico border, installing a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River, and initiating safety inspections on commercial trucks arriving at ports of entry from Mexico.

“As we speak right now, the Texas National Guard is undertaking operations to expand this effort,” the governor said. “We’re not going to contain ourselves just to this park, we are expanding to further areas to make sure that we will expand our level of deterrence and denial of illegal entry into the United States.”


The question on all of our minds is: what will it take to get Biden to actually do his job and defend the country from the invasion it is experiencing at the southern border? 

One thing is for sure. If he continues to ignore it, he will pay for his choice dearly when November comes around. His chances of a second term continue to dwindle as this becomes a critical issue among voters.

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