Son of the family that lived in the Amityville horror house recalls hearing voices

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The middle child from the “Amityville horror family” remembered hearing paranormal voices when he was living in the house. Christopher Lutz, 52, was only six years old when his family moved into the property that had previously been the location of a brutal murder, according to the Daily Mail.

Lutz and both of his parents said they witnessed “paranormal activities” in the home and soon decided to leave. Their experiences in the house inspired a book, a 1979 film, and dozens of news articles questioning what actually happened in the home.

Lutz features in the new BBC2 documentary entitled “Amityville: An Origin Story.” He recalls his strange and peculiar experiences inside the home, including ghoulish sightings and voices.

Lutza said, “I was laying on my bed looking out into the hallway, and right in front of the door there was a figure. It looked like a shadow, it didn’t have legs that touched the ground.”

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“As I’m looking at this thing, it’s coming towards me and I was petrified,” he continued.

The Lutz family only stayed in the home on 112 Ocean Avenue for 28 days in 1975 before deciding to leave. However, it was what allegedly happened during those 28 days that made the home famous.

The year before the Lutz family moved into the home, it was the sight of a brutal murder that featured 23-year-old Ronald “Butch” DeFeo fatally shooting his parents and four siblings as they slept. He was eventually found guilty of six counts of second-degree murder and is still imprisoned at Green Haven Correctional Facility in Beekman, per the report.

The Mirror reported that the Lutz family experienced persistent coolness and red slime dripping down the walls. Kathy — Christopher’s mother — said that her youngest daughter Missy, five years old at the time, talked to ghosts in her bedroom. On the family’s final night there, George — Kathy’s husband — saw Kathy levitate off the ground as his children’s beds slammed against the hardwood on the floor above him.

George went on to say that he had been pinned down by an invisible force, according to the report.

The following morning, the Lutz family left the house, abandoning all of their belongings, never to return. Just two months later, so-called “ghost hunters” were sent into the house to investigate.

In the documentary, Christopher recalled how his family had called a priest to come to bless the house. “The last week that we were there was the worst,” he said. “The family had a priest come to the house to bless every room in the house.”

“We heard a chorus of voices scream out ‘Will you please stop?'”

The home has had several owners since the alleged incidents, and no one has reported strange occurrences since the Lutz’s lived there.

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