Maria Bartiromo After Speaking with President Trump: “I Think There Will Be Major Changes Made in the Republican National Committee Very Soon” (Video)

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Maria Bartiromo joined FOX and Friends Weekend on Sunday morning to tease her interview with President Donald Trump that will air later this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

During her segment Maria teased what was coming up in her interview with President Trump.

Then Maria Bartiromo added this out of the blue, “He’s expecting to lock up this nomination really quickly and I think that there will be changes made in the Republican National Committee very soon. I think that is about to happen and Republicans will get behind President Trump.”

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Via FOX and Friends Weekend.

Recently, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has come under fire for failing miserably as party chair including fundraising for the party. There have been numerous calls for McDaniel to step down in recent weeks.

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