Sickening Allegations Against Former Third Grade Teacher Surface

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Radical leftists are constantly attempting to normalize acts of sexual deviance, which is why you see so many morally bankrupt scenes in films and television shows, along with programs purposefully introducing transgender characters to make it seem as if it’s normal. 


What’s even more gross is that a lot of this content is aimed at children. They want young kids exposed to sexual topics they are far too young to behold, which only makes the already confusing period of life known as adolescence even more of a head trip to navigate. 

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In light of all this, it’s not surprising that horrific things are happening in our classrooms, yet the horrific things that sometimes happen to kids in public schools largely go ignored, for the sake of preserving the agenda. To the left, that’s all that matters.

What is the agenda? The delusion that, with the right set of leaders and laws, man can perfect his nature and live in a utopian society. 

Of course, the problem is that mankind is not and cannot be perfected by human means. The case of Thomas Bernagozzi, a 76-year-old elementary school teacher from Long Island, N.Y., is a prime example. The New York Post is reporting that Bernagozzi is accused of sexually abusing over 50 students over several decades. 

Here’s more from the report:

Thomas Bernagozzi, 76, of Babylon, pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing two former students on Wednesday in Suffolk County. At least 56 victims have come forward and accused the former teacher at Bay Shore Elementary School of abusing them when they were children.

Bernagozzi worked as a third-grade teacher at the Mary G. Clarkson Elementary School and Gardiner Manor Elementary School between 1970 and 2000. He continued to work for the Bay Shore School District until 2003.

During his tenure, he was “revered” by students and colleagues in the district, with some parents even requesting their children be placed in his class, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors alleged in court Wednesday that district officials knew about the abuse and turned a blind eye.


What kind of evil people know that this is happening to kids and still cover it up instead of bringing the man to justice or removing him from his position as a teacher? Why would these school officials ignore the pain, suffering, and ruined lives of children who were victims of a sexual predator? It just doesn’t compute. 

Bernagozzi was not only a presence in the classroom; he also directed plays for the school and coached sports. Here’s something even more disturbing. When he was off the clock, he would take groups of kids, primarily composed of boys, to beaches, pools, the gym, Broadway shows, and sporting events. 

And none of this felt or looked strange to anyone? A man who spends this amount of time alone with kids should immediately raise a red flag. Some might say it was the ignorance of the time, but is that really an excuse? Someone at some point had to tell a parent what was going on. Did they not believe the children?

Thanks to the New York State Child Victims Act, which was passed in 2019, those who were the victims of abuse when they were underage can now file civil suits against their alleged abusers until they are 55 years of age. A total of 45 victims have filed lawsuits against both Bernagozzi and the Bay Shore School District. 

Bernagozzi was taken into custody on Dec. 21 and was charged with one count of sexual conduct against a child in the first degree, along with a count of sodomy in the first degree, which are both considered felonies. Unfortunately, due to the statute of limitations, only the one case involving two victims could still be prosecuted criminally.


One child was abused between 1997 and 2000, and the other between 1989 and 1991, according to the criminal complaint.

Since his arrest, another 11 victims have come forward. The victims range from 4 to 8 years old.

What should be done with a monster like this? If it can be proven he actually committed the crimes, in my book, they should sentence him to the death penalty. People who commit sexual crimes against kids are not going to change. That’s a fact. They are twisted and broken in such a way that they are forever a threat to the safety of children everywhere. Since they pose a consistent threat to society and cannot be trusted to be allowed out on the streets, there’s only one proper course of action.

The judge presiding over the case has set Bernagozzi’s bond at $300,000 cash and a $600,000 bond. His lawyer said he would post that bond. If he’s convicted, he could end up behind bars for 25 years per charge.

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