A dive into why Bernie Sanders hates Israel

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Bernie Sanders has just taken it upon himself to rally support on the Senate floor to cut funding to Israel — until Israel stops defending itself from the terrorist group Hamas.

“Bernie Sanders is a Marxist low-life,” Mark Levin charges. “He is a self-hating Jew. He is not a Jew of faith; he’s a Jew of birth.”

Levin believes that if Sanders had his way, he “would burn down our entire country and replace it with his Marxist nirvana, which we all know would mean prison camps, mass murder, centralized destruction, an economy where people starve and can’t feed themselves.”

“That’s the natural logical end to what this man preaches,” Levin adds.

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When Sanders was asked by CNN host Jake Tapper whether or not Biden’s strikes as a response to the Houthis were warranted, he responded, “What I do think is the president has a right to respond on an emergency basis to the disruption.”

“I’m sure there’ll be like 15 ‘buts’ after that,” Levin says.

“On the other hand, he’s got to get the Congress immediately. It is Congress that has the right to declare war, not the president of the United States,” Sanders continued, proving Levin right.

Sanders is currently trying to force a vote in Congress that would direct the U.S. State Department to look into whether Israel is using U.S. equipment or assistance to violate human rights standards in Gaza.

“This is outrageous. Bernie Sanders goes to the floor of the Senate. He’s introducing a requirement legislation or resolution that they will not continue to support Israel if Israel’s using weaponry it buys from the United States to commit war crimes,” Levin says.

“Israel’s not committing war crimes. Hamas commits war crimes; that’s why they’re called terrorists. Just look at this moral equivalency, how they’ve turned this upside down,” he continues.

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