Whitlock: Is Taylor Swift bigger than Beyoncé & Michael Jackson?

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Pop star Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been the topic of plenty of contention lately.

Fans complain that they don’t care to watch the games if the cameras are going to be focused on Swift in the stands instead of the players on the field.

However, Front Office Sports estimates that Swift has had greater than a $300 million impact on the Chiefs and the NFL’s bottom line.

Shannon Sharpe believes Swift’s presence is a smart move for the Chiefs.

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“Y’all need to understand. NFL playing chess, y’all playing checkers. Y’all talking about stop playing Taylor Swift,” Sharpe says, adding that “she’s bringing a different demographic and a new set of eyeballs.”

Sharpe also notes that while he loves artists like Beyonce who have played Super Bowl halftime shows in the past, “Beyonce ain’t moving the needle like this chick.”

“She’s the closest thing to moving the needle like Michael Jackson that we’ve seen,” he adds.

Jason Whitlock agrees with Sharpe.

“I agree with Shannon as it relates to Taylor Swift moving the needle more than Beyonce,” Whitlock tells Shemeka Michelle. “I don’t think she’s remotely in the same stratosphere as Michael Jackson.”

“When Michael Jackson died, he did look like a skinny white woman, so that is maybe what they have in common,” Michelle adds.

To hear the full conversation, watch the clip below

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