‘The View’ in Full Panic Mode Over Impact Third Party Candidate Might Have on Biden’s Campaign

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The female co-hosts of the talk show “The View” are often in a tizzy over all sorts of things. On Monday, it was the potential impact independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might have on President Joe Biden’s chances of beating former President Donald Trump in the general election later this year — should Trump win the GOP nomination — that sent them into a panic.


Co-host Sara Haines was very concerned about how negative RFK’s aspirations for the White House might be for Biden. She said this was not the year for anyone like him to make a play for the White House as it could cause significant problems for the incumbent in his battle against Trump. 

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Whoopi Goldberg mentioned California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent conversation with Jonathan Karl of ABC. The ultra-progressive politician, who might be positioning himself for a future bid for the presidency, said he was worried that RFK would ultimately take votes away from the president. 

That is what traditionally happens when third-party candidates are on the ballot. And let’s not forget that Kennedy could potentially hurt Trump, too, though not nearly as badly as Biden. Folks tend to see RFK as a more “middle-of-the-road” kind of liberal. You know — a true Kennedy Democrat. (I apologize for the lame joke.)

“Are you concerned with the governor’s concerns about … a third party?” Goldberg went on to ask her colleagues. 

Sunny Hostin piped up to say she’s “very concerned” with Kennedy’s run for the Oval Office. She backed up her point by recalling how Jill Stein of the Green Party siphoned off votes from twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

“I just learned today that when Jill Stein ran and it was Trump versus Hillary, there were three states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — where Stein’s vote total exceeded Trump’s margin of victory,” Hostin explained to the others. She claimed that if Stein had stayed out of the race, “Hillary Clinton would be president.”


I think that’s overstating the role Stein may have played in the election. I highly doubt her not being in the race would have made the slightest bit of difference in the overall outcome. At this point, Hostin was just making excuses for Clinton’s loss instead of accepting the truth. 

The truth is, Hillary Clinton lost because people were well aware of how awful and anti-American her policies were. People had just had eight years of Barack Obama and things were horrible. They wanted to try something new. And that’s just what they did. 

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The show’s “Republican” host, Ana Navarro, decided to throw in her two cents’ worth on the topic. She brought up the 1992 presidential race, saying that the independent candidate, Ross Perot, was responsible for ruining the chances of then-President George H.W. Bush being re-elected to the White House. 

“In this case, you have got Joe Biden — a sane, decent, normal human being — running against a man who is an existential threat to democracy and to the foreign world, to the international world, to the universe,” Navarro remarked. The “Republican” then, with the over-emotional theatrics one expects from the hosts of “The View,” claimed America simply must not tolerate RFK running for president. 

Navarro wasn’t done, either. When co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin was in the middle of agreeing with her, Navarro interjected to take a swipe at fans and supporters of Donald Trump. “The people who support Trump are cult members … and the people who support Biden are normal human beings,” she said, to applause from the crowd. 


Cult members? Really? Do we need to remind Navarro and the other harpies on the panel about how they treated Trump’s predecessor for nigh unto a decade? Obama had an even bigger cult of personality than Trump does now. Heck, he still has it. 

Haines then stated that RFK’s campaign was a threat to the two-party system. I mean, okay. And? Maybe it’s time we got past the two-party system. Just a thought.

“This is not the time for a third party. Change comes very slowly in this country,” Haines said.

Maybe these ladies just need to go back to their dressing rooms and have a glass of wine or six and unwind?

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