Trump Aide Dismisses Rumors of RFK Jr. as Potential VP Pick, Labels Report as “Fake News”

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A top aide to former President Donald Trump has firmly denied recent speculations about environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being considered as a potential vice presidential candidate.

Chris LaCivita, a senior advisor to Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, took a strong stance against the rumors, categorically ruling out any possibility of such an alliance.

The news comes following a report from The New York Post suggesting that members of Trump’s inner circle had been exploring the possibility of partnering with RFK Jr.

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However, LaCivita’s recent statement has put an end to these rumors. In a post made on Saturday, he expressed his unequivocal stance on the matter.

“This is 100% FAKE NEWS – NO ONE from the Trump Campaign ever approached RFK jr (or ever will) – one of the most LIBERAL and radical environmentalists in the country. For all the fake news- update your stories,” LaCivita wrote on X.

According to a report from The Post, ““Trump operatives expressed an interest in Kennedy early on, but it was all premature,” said one person familiar with the matter, adding that it was “right out of the box when Bobby announced” in April 2023 he was running for president. “Anything’s possible. I wouldn’t write it off by any means,” the insider continued.”

Recent polling posted at Real Clear Politics confirms that a Trump-Robert Kennedy, Jr. ticket would win over 60% of the vote. Joe Biden would be a distant second and would suffer the historic loss he deserves.

Today, America is at a crossroads. There is only one man who can lead us back to our foundation, to law and order, to a rational foreign policy, to a thriving country that respects its border.

As The Gateway Pundit reported last week, If President Trump needs to take on Robert Kennedy, Jr. to ensure a united win in November, then he should not hesitate to make that happen.

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