‘Just barbaric’: Social media influencer allegedly tortured, killed animals for YouTube likes while singing morbid songs

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A social media influencer in Pennsylvania has been charged for allegedly torturing animals for likes on YouTube, police said.

Anigar Monsee, 28, was arrested on Jan. 19 and charged with four felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. She is being held at the Delaware County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

Apparently, someone tipped off the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals about animal torture videos being posted to YouTube. PETA then reportedly notified the Upper Darby Police Department about the YouTube channel that reportedly featured the torture of animals.

Monsee’s YouTube channel allegedly had four livestream videos that showed her mutilating a live chicken, pigeon, rabbit, and frogs.

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According to the Daily Times, Monsee was torturing two conscious animals while “singing a song; ‘Happy death day’ (to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’) to the third animal.”

The New York Post reported, “Monsee, who in some of the videos appeared scantily clad, allegedly solicited more likes and followers from her 20,000 subscribers as she hacked at the animals in the various livestreams, according to a criminal complaint.”

In videos posted in August and September, Monsee is accused of dismembering several frogs while alive and plucking a live pigeon’s feathers before running the bird’s head under scalding water and then sawing it off, according to the Upper Darby Police Department.

In a video shared online, police said Monsee used a “dull knife” to torture a rabbit to death for over 30 minutes.

Monsee allegedly used a knife to slice a chicken’s neck over a kitchen sink as the animal attempted to flee in a video titled “Cooking lucky.”

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt explained, “During the video, she is soliciting more likes and more viewers. And once she gets to the point where she is satisfied with the number of viewers, she then proceeds — over the course of 10 minutes — to harm and ultimately kill that chicken.”

During the videos, viewers were reportedly told that they could request an animal for Monsee to cook if they paid money.

“In the affidavit, officials noted that Monsee appeared to solicit more likes before she would harm an animal and said that some of her commentary was sexually charged,” according to WCAU.

Bernhardt said, “It’s just barbaric. It’s inhumane that someone could do that. She’s going to answer to all four of the incidents. Detectives looked into it and charged her. Hopefully it will send a message that this is cruelty.”

Bernhardt stressed that it was a disturbing “fact that you are soliciting and people are encouraging this.”

Her YouTube channel named “motherndaughter” has since been deleted.

According to YouTube’s community guidelines, animal abuse is not permitted.

A YouTube spokesperson said, “Content that is violent or abusive toward animals is not allowed on YouTube, and we have terminated the channel in question.”

Monsee allegedly described herself on social media as a “blogger” originally from Liberia.

Monsee is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 5.

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