The Morning Briefing: Israel Still Uninterested in the Opinions of World’s Pro-Hamas Leftists

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The savage attacks on Israel by Hamas last October 7 have revealed an inordinate amount of ugliness around the world, especially on college campuses in the United States. Gone are the immediately post 9/11 days when many on the American Left were still willing to call Islamic terrorists evil. That epiphany was rather short-lived, though, and soon morphed into leftists being default terrorist apologists. 

For the most part, Americans have the luxury of not worrying about large scale attacks on our homeland. Obviously, there have been two notable exceptions in the 20th and 21st centuries. I truly fear that the Biden sponsored invasion of our southern border will lead to another one sooner rather than later. Still, we don’t get thrown into existential crisis mode much anymore.

Our ally Israel is forever dealing with an existential crisis, being surrounded by people who want it destroyed and are filled with religious zeal in their efforts to make it happen. No matter how hard any American diplomat or academic tries, they’ll never understand the mindset of the Israeli people. 

That doesn’t prevent them from posturing and lecturing the Israeli government, however. 


Almost immediately after Oct. 7, escaped patients from the Joe Biden Home for the Criminally Insane U.S. officials — Democrats, of course — began urging Israel to cave in and ease up on Hamas. Foreign policy in this administration is essentially being influenced by loud, ignorant college kids. 

Last week, we discussed the fact that Secretary of State Antony Blinken was schmoozing the commies in Davos with ideas about a Palestinian state. Here’s an excerpt from that

Westerners who advocate for any kind of capitulation — which a Palestinian state is — to Hamas, Hezbollah, or any of the other Iranian-funded terrorist savage organizations are traveling in realms of delusion heretofore unseen. None of those groups are going to be mollified by being given a little more land and a cafeteria pass at the United Nations. 

As with all things related to Jihadi terrorists, Democrats struggle with reality and the definition of “evil.” Also, as we have discussed many times since October, it’s really easy to spot the bad guys in this conflict. 

Because they have to deal with reality, Israeli officials haven’t been moved by Blinken’s campus protest diplomacy. This is from a column Catherine wrote yesterday

The UN has been exposed for the amount of assistance it supplies to jihad-loving Gazans, with Hamas even using UN supplies and buildings to shield its violent terrorist activities. Palestinian children also learn to hate Jews and admire terrorists at UN schools. Thus it’s not really surprising that the UN would be pushing the claim that an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza would tend toward peace — when the reality is that such a ceasefire would just help Hamas recuperate, as Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan argued.

“I made it clear to the [UN] Security Council that it is impossible to both call for a ceasefire and pretend to support a solution to the conflict. This is an oxymoron,” Erdan posted on Twitter/X, along with a video clip of himself. “You cannot have both. It’s impossible. A ceasefire will keep Hamas in power and allow it to attack Israel again and again.” Israel knows that from hard and long experience.


The UN knows that from experience as well, but it exists solely to enable the absolute worst players in international politics. Democrats in charge of U.S. diplomacy who work in tandem with the United Nations will, more often than not, ultimately be undermining America’s place in the world. 

Yeah, they’re all aware of that too. 

There is a lot of crowing from the Left these days saying that Israel with finally come around to the “pity poor Hamas” point of view if the United States cuts off aid to it. They will never understand the kind of resolve that the people in charge of one of our staunchest allies have when it comes to defending their families, their freedom, and their way of life. 

What’s most galling about what’s happening is that Israel is the kind of ally that any American regime should be serious about accommodating in a time of crisis like this. On the big stages and in the important moments, every single person in the Biden administration seems ignorant and out of his or her depth. 

Meanwhile, our enemies are salivating and enjoying the prospect of Team Biden doing their work for them. 

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