Levin: Precedents and presidents, the left’s relentless campaign against Trump

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Not a single person has been charged with insurrection regarding January 6, yet the Democrat Party continues to dredge up baseless allegations against former President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of actions other former presidents have taken that could also be looked at through a criminal lens.

“What if a president ordered the killing of an American citizen overseas or ordered the killing of what he believed to be terrorists but also winds up killing, let’s say, an American citizen who’s 16 years old, a teenager— perhaps the son of one of these terrorists who hasn’t actually committed a terrorist act,” Mark Levin says.

“Is that criminal, guys?” Levin asks, adding, “well, that’s what Obama did.”

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“So my question to you is: should Obama have been prosecuted for knowing that he could possibly kill an innocent American citizen while trying to take out his father?” He adds.

This isn’t hypothetical. That case was actually brought to federal court by the American Civil Liberties Union against the Obama administration.

However, the court did nothing.

“It sidestepped,” Levin explains, “that’s what they do for Obama and Biden and their ilk.”

Joe Biden isn’t innocent either.

“Can Joe Biden be sued for violating our immigration laws by people who’ve literally lost family members as a result of that decision? People being killed on the border, people being raped on the border, illegal aliens in the country killing American citizens — can he be used for that?” Levin adds.

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