Watch CBS News embarrass itself explaining how the planet getting warmer actually makes it colder

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For a long time, the media has harped on global warming — the idea that our planet is progressively getting hotter, causing countless issues.

However, as soon as the temperatures plummet — as they inevitably do — people start asking questions about the legitimacy of global warming.

Why are we suddenly experiencing sub-zero temperatures if our planet is supposedly getting hotter?

A very fair question.

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Pat Gray plays a clip of CBS News’ Ben Tracy attempting to answer this question by linking “climate change” and “arctic chill.”

“It has been really cold in most of the country for the past week or so, and you’ve probably heard some people say, ‘So much for global warming,'” Tracy said. “Well, when we talk about climate change, we’re talking about the planet warming over the course of many decades, not what just happens in one winter or over the course of a couple of weeks.”

“Keep that in mind: the same thing does not apply in summertime when it’s 106. That is unprecedented; it is unreal; it is unsustainable … but in the winter, totally explainable,” interjects Pat sarcastically.

“We also know that on a warming planet, the atmosphere can hold more moisture, which means that we get extreme precipitation events, including snowfall, and we’ve seen a whole lot of snow all over the country in the past couple of weeks,” Tracy continued.

“Wait, wait, wait,” says Keith Malinak. “We just went years without measurable snowfall in the northeast … so, we’ve just been warming for the last two weeks then?”

“In the 2000s, they were telling us there wasn’t going to be any more snow — you’d have to explain to your children what snow was — at one time,” adds Pat in disgust.

But Tracy wasn’t even close to done.

“We do know that the arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet, and that is causing a whole lot of weird weather. There is some evidence that climate change is actually destabilizing that polar vortex, which allows all that cold air from Canada to funnel down into the U.S., and that could happen more often in the future. Now, that doesn’t mean that the future is going to be colder. On average, the future will be warmer, but during winter, we still will have these extreme cold outbreaks,” Tracy concluded.

“So, they’re telling us that in the winter, it’s going to be cold,” laughs Pat. “What a hoax.”

To hear more of Tracy’s outlandish weather analysis and Pat and Keith’s hilarious commentary, watch the clip below.

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