Retired Military Officials Say Biden’s Electric Vehicle Push is Putting National Security at Risk

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A group of 17 retired military officials is warning that Joe Biden’s hard push for electric vehicles is putting America’s national security at risk.

Among their chief concerns is that EVs increase America’s reliance on China, but there are other potential problems as well.

Biden and Democrats have been actively working to destroy the fossil fuel industry since the moment Biden took office. They are beholden to the climate change activists of their party’s base who are absolutely obsessed with the issue.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

Former generals say Biden’s electric vehicle plan is putting national security at risk

A group of 17 retired military officials sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Thursday, warning him that his electric vehicle plan was putting the United States’s national security at risk.

The group warned Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency that the administration’s current plan would make the U.S. more reliant on China because it would cause the U.S. to make changes to the transportation industry before the necessary infrastructure to support it was ready.

“Even more concerning is the fact that this reliance hinges upon China’s goodwill to export those minerals and manufactured goods to the U.S.,” the letter, which was obtained by Fox News, said.

“This will undoubtedly open the U.S. up to economic manipulations by China, identical to what Russia is doing with Ukrainian grain exports, and a major threat to our national security. We do not believe now is the time for us to make ourselves vulnerable to such easy political pressures,” it said.

Trump recently addressed this issue as well.

It’s a valid concern.

Again, this is all being done to appease far left climate change activists. Their concerns should not matter where national security is involved.

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