NBC, CBS Avoid Reporting On Fani Willis Misconduct Hearing

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Some of our major networks made an editorial decision not to cover the upcoming hearing, ordered by the judge overseeing the Trump trial in Atlanta, regarding misconduct allegations against Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis. We are thus reminded of that great Iowahawk quote: “Journalism is about covering important stories, With a pillow. Until they stop moving.

Unlike NBC and CBS, ABC mustered the time and effort to cover the Willis saga. Watch a sample of their report below:

PIERRE THOMAS: Tonight, a Georgia judge ordering Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to answer allegations she has improperly “engaged in a personal, romantic relationship” with one of the special prosecutors she hired to help her try the sprawling election interference case against former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants. The accusations against Willis came in a filing by one of those co-defendants, former Trump campaign aide Mike Roman. Without providing evidence, he claims Willis engaged in a secret relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who her office has paid $650,000 to help try the case. And that Willis “personally benefited” because Wade allegedly used some of that money to take her on lavish vacations.

It’s pretty straightforward. “Without evidence” notwithstanding, the report did include some of the ridiculous race-based deflections that Willis delivered from the pulpit at Big Bethel AME Church during the weekend preceding Martin Luther King Day, and did lay out the summary of the case against Willis.

Surprisingly, ABC wasn’t the sole network to report on the Willis hearing. Univision covered the story, more comprehensively than did ABC, in a report that included quotes from Trump as well as a brief analysis from a criminal defense attorney on the gravity of the accusations against Willis. I’ve often said that Univision disinforms their audience- not this time, though. Well done. And well done, ABC.

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