Morning Joe’s Bloody Revenge on Trump: Speculates On Apparent Bleeding Hand

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Donald Trump MSNBC Morning Joe 1-18-24 If there was one thing that transformed Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski from mere critics of Donald Trump into savage antagonists, it was Trump’s tweet back in 2017 saying that Mika and Joe had begged to be invited to his New Year’s Eve party, but he said no, claiming that “Mika was bleeding badly from a facelift.” The pair’s vendetta against Trump has raged on ever since.

Joe and Mika got a measure of bloody revenge today, speculating about Trump apparently bleeding on his right hand [see screencap] after he emerged from a court session in the E. Jean Carroll case yesterday.

Mika asked if the red spots were “Magic Marker,” and Scarborough played off that suggestion: “Is it Magic Marker? Cause it looks like he has a sore on his index finger there.”

Willie Geist said it looked like a cut, and Scarborough, meanwhile, played it oh-so-coyly. He was just “wondering” about it, insisting, “I don’t want to speculate.” Riight.

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Legal analyst Lisa Rubin suggested Trump had been banging his hand on the table in court, and Scarborough replied “Like a child?” Willie obligingly played the heavy, speculating that Trump was “like a toddler having a tantrum perhaps, and causing bleeding to his hand.”

The show did stop short of predicting that Trump would claim the wounds were stigmata, confirming his divine status.

#SyphilisDon was trending on X (formerly Twitter) and “Vice News” did the wild speculating, complete with Democrat strategist James Carville — who once claimed Bill Clinton didn’t have a long-lasting affair with Gennifer Flowers, he just groped her in a bar — claiming Trump has syphilis: 

Who’s spreading unverified rumors? Vice said this might be Trump getting “a taste of his own medicine” for suggesting Biden’s not mentally well. (As if the media didn’t give Trump that medicine regularly when he was president.)

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:11 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: One other thing, Willie, I’m just curious about. Do we have any answer on what’s on Donald Trump’s — like, Donald Trump has, uh, his hands are bleeding. Looks like he has a sore —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Is that Magic Marker?

SCARBOROUGH: Is it Magic Marker? Cause it looks like he has a sore on his index finger there. I don’t know. I — maybe it’s Magic Marker. I don’t know.

WILLIE GEIST: It’s, it looks like a cut. And that’s blood, isn’t it? I don’t want to speculate. I don’t know. But was there anything —

SCARBOROUGH: I don’t want to speculate.

GEIST: But was there anything that happened inside the courtroom yesterday, Lisa?

LISA RUBIN: There, there was. You know, there was a point in time during the day where Trump, very frustrated with Judge Kaplan, banged his hands down on the table. I doubt that blisters —

SCARBOROUGH: — Like a child, you mean.

RUBIN: — or the marks we’re seeing there come from that. But could they be exacerbated by that? Perhaps.

GEIST: Like a toddler having a tantrum perhaps and causing bleeding to his hand.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, yeah.

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