Walgreens Closing Boston Location in Poor Neighborhood Due to Theft, Locals Outraged (VIDEO)

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Walgreens is closing a store in a lower income neighborhood of Boston due to rampant theft and the people who live there are outraged. They’re actually protesting the store over news of the closure.

This is a familiar chain of events in liberal cities. The Democrats who run the city allow theft and don’t punish criminals. Then the store decides to close and suddenly everyone is angry at the store instead of the people who actually caused the problem.

This is going to happen in more and more cities until Democrats decide they want to punish crime.

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From the Western Journal:

As Walgreens prepares to close a store in Boston’s crime-ridden Roxbury neighborhood, residents are outraged.

“This Walgreens is critical, not just to this community but the surrounding communities and the seniors,” said Rev. Miniard Culpepper during a Friday protest outside the pharmacy, according to WBZ-TV.

The store is scheduled to close on Jan. 31. The nearest Walgreens location that will remain for Roxbury residents is about a mile away.

Customer Lucille Culpepper-Jones, who is calling for the store to remain open, said she cannot visit the next-nearest Walgreens because she would not feel safe making that walk alone, according to The Boston Globe.

The store’s closure comes as retail theft is on the rise in many urban areas.

Here’s the video report:

Here are some reactions:

The people in this neighborhood need to direct their anger at their local political leaders, not Walgreens.

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