Iran’s Khamenei Says Yemeni Terrorists Are ‘On the Path of God’

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As the Yemeni government advocates for Gaza and the Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi terrorists continue to sabotage and seize ships in the Red Sea, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei assures the world that the terrorists are doing god’s work. 


The Iranian regime is a major state sponsor of terrorism, a longtime supporter of Hamas, and fanatically obsessed with obliterating Israel (and the U.S.). Khamenei’s anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist screed was posted on his official website on Jan. 16.

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“Imam Khamenei described Yemen’s blow to Zionist regime’s lifeline as ‘admirable’ and ‘fighting on the path of God,’” he began. Khamenei specifically tied the Yemeni and Palestinian terrorists’ activities to Islam and Allah. “The oppressed and strong Gazans were able to influence the world with their battles and today the world views these people, their fighters and the resistance group as heroes,” Khamenei went on. After the Oct. 7 atrocities perpetrated by Hamas, including burning babies alive and raping women to death, Khamenei lauded the terrorists who committed the heinous crimes on Twitter/X.

Israel is fighting for survival against an evil terrorist entity that has spent decades trying to destroy the Jewish state, but Khamenei is pretending that the Gazans are the victims and Israel is the big, bad oppressor. Khamenei also promotes the historical lie that the so-called “Palestinians,” not Israel, have a right to the disputed land. “In the global opinion and in the opinion of the world’s politicians, the [Zionist] regime is an oppressive, ruthless, bloodthirsty wolf that has lost the battle and is being disintegrated,” Khamenei announced. Right, a wolf that keeping sending aid to Gaza and trying to appease the Gazans, only to be attacked again by those Gazans.


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Khamenei declared that the Gazans have “spread Islam and made the Quran dear” to people around the world. According to the Khamenei, the Yemenis are also serving Allah well by attacking Israel and anyone else they perceive as somehow guilty of something or other. “The Yemenis targeted the key channels of the Zionist regime and did not fear the threats of the US, because a God-fearing person does not fear anyone but God.  What they did is truly and justly an example of fighting for the cause of God,” Khamenei intoned.

Ultimately, Khamenei is a shameless liar, but he’s also dangerous. He wants to see Israel obliterated and he previously declared that “Death to America” was one of his regime’s main slogans. The radical Iranian regime won’t stop supporting terrorism until either it is toppled (a consummation devoutly to be wished) or it has destroyed both Israel and America.

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