EU Parliamentarian Blasts Commissar Von der Leyen for Ignoring Gonzalo Lira’s Death, Calls for Independent Investigation

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RIP: Gonzalo Lira and son in Kharkiv before the war

While EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised Ukrainian “democratic institutions” and promised more billions for the NATO proxy war in her speech before the EU Parliament, AfD MEP Bernhard Zimniok blasted von der Leyen and the EU for stonewalling the death of US  journalist Gonzalo Lira and called for an independent investigation. Official Ukrainian spokesperson Michael “Sarah” Cirillo continued to mock the dead US journalist on Twitter/X.

“The case of US journalist Gonzalo Lira, who died in a Ukrainian prison last week, shows that Ukraine has nothing in common with our values,“ MEP Bernhard Zimniok said in the EU Parliament today. “He was arrested repeatedly for his critical reporting on Ukraine’s leadership, tortured severely, and suffered from double pneumonia for the last three months. He was nonetheless denied medical treatment, leading to his death at the age of 55. I call for an independent investigation of his case led by the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and an immediate end to all support for the corrupt state of Ukraine,” Zimniok said.

“Let’s return to the negotiating table and end the suffering of the Ukrainian people. Their continued suffering is your fault!” Zimniok told the EU Parliament. Zimniok is a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and belongs to the patriotic Identity & Democracy group in the EU Parliament.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was established 1995 after the end of the Cold War as a forum to bring the NATO nations together with the former Soviet and Warsaw Pact states and foster peace and dialogue with the former Communist East Bloc. It has since been sidelined by expansionist NATO warmongers led by US Deputy SecState Victoria Nuland and the Biden cabal.

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“The democratic institutions in Ukraine not only meet our requirements but also fulfill the hopes of the people in the country,” EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen brazenly claimed in her speech before the EU Parliament today. “An entire nation shows us what Europe means to them. And I am proud that our union has not disappointed the expectations of Ukraine,” von der Leyen said.

Von der Lying did not mention the death of the US journalist at the hands of Ukraine’s “democratic institutions.”

Rumble host Russell Brand will be reporting on the death of Gonzalo Lira on his show today at 12 pm ET.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) blasted the “deliberate silence” of OSCE Media Freedom Representative Teresa Ribeiro regarding Gonzalo Lira’s death in Ukrainian prison.

“It is not surprising that this blatant example of repression remained without reaction by the U.S. Mission to OSCE, who are usually very concerned about the rights of the “right” media, the MFA wrote:

“However, we are already accustomed to such pathological hypocrisy both from some OSCE functionaries and countries that consider themselves “model democracies.” After all, the “collective West” has long given carte blanche to cancel, persecute and murder with impunity undesirable reporters who disseminate an alternative point of view on global situation.”

The Russian Embassy in South Africa wrote that Gonzalo Lira “was among the first to start telling the truth” about the reality on the ground in Ukraine. “And he paid it with his life.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Army Spokesman Michael “Sarah” Cirillo kept denying any responsibility for Lira’s death, while misunderstanding the point of our Freedom of Information Act request to make himself the issue.

The point of Gateway Pundit’s FOIA request is to find out what the US government did or did not do on behalf of Gonzalo Lira, Mr. Cirillo, especially Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

The point is not to provide you another forum to play dress-up, grandstand for the corrupt Zelensky regime and mock your dead victim. Justice is coming.

Feel free to keep sharing our articles and raising awareness about your callous indifference to Gonzalo Lira’s death, however.

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