Global Warming? Arctic Ice at Highest Level for 21 Years

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One of climate alarmists’ favorite predictions is that the Arctic is losing its ice due to global warming, something elites have claimed for decades. New data shows, however, that Arctic ice is actually increasing! 


Climate has always changed and will continue to do so until the real apocalypse (not the fake one climate alarmists have been predicting as imminent for decades). With more than 50 years of failed climate change predictions behind them and a track record of consistent and total untrustworthiness, you’d think that the doom prophets would have given up. Then again, climate change is a convenient way for the greedy to enrich themselves (like former Vice President Al Gore) and for power-hungry politicians to take away rights and liberties while claiming a moral and physical necessity.

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Climate Change Dispatch, which also provided graphs of data, reports:

Some alarmist scientists claim it’s the hottest year on record, yet Arctic sea ice for this date stands at its highest level in 21 years.

This year’s reading – up to January 8 – has now far exceeded the average for the years 2011-2020, also exceeds the average for the years 2001-2010, and points directly upwards [regarding] the years 1991-2000…Much like Greenland, the Arctic continues to defy the dogmatic prophecies of the AGW party; and the party has long needed a time machine to confirm its hopeless predictions: “Ice-free in summer by 2014”…

The latest update shows the tide seems to have turned for Arctic sea ice, especially this season, which has seen the largest extent in 21 years (since 2003).


This isn’t the first piece of evidence, by the way, that claims about 2023 as the hottest year ever were scams. I published some of the data debunking such hyperbolic claims last July.

For Our VIPsThe Globe Is Cooling, Not Boiling: Why Is Media Still Predicting Eco-Apocalypse?

It is interesting that last year’s data showed eight years of a global cooling trend rather than warming. Right about this part of winter, I wouldn’t mind a little warming, but many of us in America are instead facing a harsh cold snap. Of course, it’s not encouraging that some entities (including our federal government) aim to engage in geoengineering to manipulate weather and supposedly save the planet from warming. These entities who want to reduce global temperatures ignore the fact that the world isn’t about to go up in flames and that the Arctic is not becoming ice-free.

The real threat isn’t climate apocalypse; it’s leftist ideologues who have the power to weaponize pseudo-scientific propaganda against us and our liberties.

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